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The census information for Halifax County starts with early Victualling lists from 1750, 1752. The next avaliable census information for the area of Halifax County would be the 1791-93 Poll Tax lists that taxed all men over the age of 18, or who owned land. The 1827 Census of Nova Scotia comes next which covers much of the county, but excludes the city. The 1838 Census lists the Head of Household, Occupation as well as the ages of all the males and females living in the house, and the total amount of people. This census was followed by the 1851 of which we are lucky and Halifax County has survived, and then 1861 the last Provincial Census. From 1871-1901 all members of the household were listed with different information added to each person in the 1891 census and the whole birth date in the 1901 Census.

1752 Census 1752 Halifax Census, Surnames A-E
1752 Halifax Census, Surnames F-K
1752 Halifax Census, Surnames L-Q
1752 Halifax Census, Surnames R-Z
1791-93 Poll Tax 
1817 Census 1817 Nova Scotia Census, Partial
1827 Census 1827 Census, Halifax County Index
1838 Census 1838 Census, Full Halifax County Index

St. Margaret's Bay
Lower Musquodoboit
Bay of Islands to County Line
West Branch of St. Mary's River
Sackville Bridge to County Line
Beaver Bank
Springfield and Harrietsfield
Hammonds Plains
Beaver Harbour, Newdiquoddy and Salmon River
Sheet Harbour
Clam Harbour and Little Harbour
Tangiers, Popes Harbour and Owls Head
Ship Harbour anbd Shoal Bay
Halifax City (Alphabetical Listing)
1851 Census 1851 Census, Halifax County Index
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