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The linked pages below provide inscriptions from 22,253 tombstones found in Halifax County, Nova Scotia Cemeteries. Before listing the links, we should all give thanks to the MANY volunteers who helped pull this index together:

Alan Jackson
Barbara Ensign
Bill Tanner
Bob Hegerich - Coordinator
Carolyn Aube
Carolyn Westberry
Gloria Chapin
Jerry Nickerson
Judy Gillon
Lawrence Canty
Marion Jardine
Maxine Pastirik
Pam Elkas
Pavla Chandler
Ron Marrs
S. Diane Smith
Sandy Wooden
Wendy Himelman


In general, the sources for the information in this file (Excel) were the cemetery inscription surveys that are linked to the Halifax County GENWEB site. The exceptions are:

    a. Several of the volunteer indexers visited the cemeteries they were indexing and made corrections/updates


    b. A number of volunteers added maiden names and other notes to one or more of the cemeteries they indexed

    c. Iris Shea contributed a file she had built for the Jollimore Cemetery based on inscriptions, civil/parish burial records, funeral home records, newspaper articles, etc.

All entries are pretty much self-explanatory except for the first (#) column. Although some cemetery listings were organized alphabetically, the large majority were organized geographically, thus providing information about who was buried next to whom. To preserve that information, each "group" in a given cemetery listing was assigned a sequential "Plot Number"; if more than one person was listed in that group, every person in the group was assigned that same plot number. To be certain that plot number provides geographical information, the original on-line cemetery listing should be consulted.


Finally, to quote the late Don Shankle: "These data should be used as a guide only. All researchers should check the originals to preclude including errors made by others in their work."


(Note: Due to the volume of information, some pages take a while to download, as they range in size from 150Kb to 1.7Mb)

Alternatively, you may wish to download the COMPLETE file in MS Excel format. It has been zipped for ease of download and is just under 983Kb in size, zipped. Zipped Excel File

There have been a number of requests (from people who don't run Windows and/or Excel) for the file as a tab-delimited text file. For their benefit, that format is also available in a (600K) zipped file. Zipped Tab-Delimited Text File


A Surnames (230K)

B Surnames (1.2M)

C Surnames (783K)

D Surnames (731K)

E Surnames (152K)

F Surnames (551K)

G Surnames (414K)

H Surnames (809K)

I-J Surnames (376K)

K Surnames (302K)

L Surnames (366K)

M Surnames (1.7M)

N-O Surnames (297K)

P-Q Surnames (508K)

R-S Surnames (1.5M)

T-V Surnames (363K)

W-Z Surnames (693K)

To aid in searching these files, you may want to perform a site search on the Surname of interest, as some names may not appear in the Surname column, or on that particular page. A word of caution: I have not yet customized this search function to ONLY search the Halifax Cemetery records, so if you enter a surname that exists in my online database, you will also get "hits" on those pages. My apologies.

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