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Rockingham is located on the west side of the Bedford Basin, about six-and-a-half kilometers from Halifax.


Until about 1886, the area was known as "Four Mile House District" because of its distance from Halifax. As the community grew, it became known as Rockingham after the social club Sir John Wentworth had started at Prince's Lodge on his estate.


One of the first establishments in the area was the Rockingham Inn, built around 1800. The Evans family who once owned the inn were descended from one of the first pioneer families to settle in Halifax.

For many years the inn remained a popular gathering spot for military officers and prominent members of Halifax's leading families who wanted to discuss literary matters. They included the Strachan, Boak, Parker and Howe families. In 1841, the old wooden structure caught fire and burned to the ground.

Mount St. Vincent University, which overlooks the Bedford Basin, was built in 1873 in Rockingham. The Sisters of Charity established the college as a residential Catholic School for young ladies. It became a college in 1925 and was proclaimed a university in 1966.


Following the development of a subdivision in 1962, the Rockingham community has become largely residential, with its residents commuting to work in Halifax or Dartmouth. Like many other communities on the outskirts of Halifax, Rockingham was amalgamated with the city on January 1, 1969.

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