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Welcome To Kinsac, Nova Scotia

* Updated March 09 2005*

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Updated 29 March 2004


Kinsac is a small rural community on the west side of Lake Kinsac, approximately twenty kilometers from Halifax but still within the Beford-Sackville district.


The name may be derived from a Mi'kmaq word for "running water."


The settlement was originally considered part of the village of Beaverbank; land being granted in 1810 to John Fleiger and John Pleasant. But after the railway was constructed towards the end of the last century, Kinsac developed on its own as a separate community.

More Kinsac History ...

In the year 1918 Charles And Emily Grigg resided in Kinsac , what is now the Coakley residence, 603 Kinsac Road . They had two children Harry and Florence . Florence was born in 1909 {today she is 94 and still active}.It was these two children that made the right-away path between what is now the Campbell residence , 600 Kinsac Road and the Davidson residence ,612 Kinsac Road. This path was used to see the trains as they were moving through the area.

In later years Florence married  John{Jack} Henry Campbell they lived in Kinsac for many years and raised two sons , John G and Laurie T. They built their home , now 592 Kinsac Road and later built the home, now 600 Kinsac Road for Charles and Emily Grigg.  

Jack had the very first bus service in Kinsac {Photos below}. He would bus the workers to and from work  and the church goers to Sunday services as well as many tours ..{ eg: taking folks to Annapolis Valley for the Apple Blossom festival.} There were many a time that they had to shovel a way before the bus could even get out the road. The Campbell ’s also had a store in Kinsac {now gone} it was situated across from 592 and 600 .The garage , where the bus was kept , was directly across from 592 .{Photo below}.The property still remains in the Campbell family.

The Campbell ’s had to get the supplies for their store from the train as it stopped in Kinsac . The mail was dropped off as well {more on this later} .

Photos of Kinsac residents of days gone by :


                                    Kindly supplied by : Lauretta {Huntley} Gilby

                                    Submitted by : Maureen and Laurie Campbell

                                                    More to come .........

Top Left 

Left to right - Pearlie Nelson , Peter MacDonald , Lloyd Gilby , Laurie Campbell , Joan Hamblen

                            {1947 / 48 Kinsac Lake}

Top Right

Left to right - Amy Towell- Lively , Peg Myra - Perressine , Lauretta Huntley - Gilby ,

             Florence Campbell in foreground - Bus owned /operated by husband Jack ,1st Kinsac bus .   {Parents of Laurie Campbell}

Center Left

Left to right - Dorothy Hopkins , Lauretta Huntley , Meg Ryan - Deep hole ballfield,Doug Boutillier’s field

Center Right

Left to right - Bert Myra , Lauretta Huntley

Bottom Left -Willie Cullen {all dressed up}

Bottom Center -Peg Myra {1947}

Bottom Right

Left to right - Phyllis Grigg , Murray Prichard

Bus Photo{and Jack}

If anyone can identify the people in the photo's , please let me know.

I realize this is a short update , however I am trying to get more folks involved . Please , if anyone has anything to contribute it will be appreciated {you will get credit for your help} .

In 1926 Charles J. Grigg built the home , now 603 Kinsac Road {photo below}.

Some of the family names , besides Grigg and Campbell were Mitchell , Miller, Beaver , Eisen , Romkey , Forgan , Diggon , Tibbdeau , Payzant , Mathews , MacDonald , Huntly , Munroe and many more .

The Eisen family were related to Florence and Jack Campbell {Belle was Jack’s sister and was married to Wally }.They resided near the end of the road.

There was also a Girl Guide Camp at end of the Kinsac Road . {If anyone has any photos of the camp , please send them to me , they would add a nice touch to the page .}

In approximately 1948 the Steam Engine was fazed out from CNR to make way for the more modern train {old photo below} . There were many families sad to see it disappear and missed the familiar sound as it passed by . I will try to get more information regarding the trains to add at a later date . In the meantime enjoy the photos . Maureen



  This was copied from an old newspaper clipping .

The first is taken at the Kinsac Falls in 1931.

The names of the people in  photo are , Grace MacCann , Rudolph Hossell , Jack Campbell ,

Rye Evans and John O’Connell .The second photo is Florence Campbell same year.

The third photo was taken in 1948 .

The Kinsac falls have changed considerably in the time frame .

Does anyone remember any of these folks ??


I will have some more recent photos shortly .



I have been contacted by Lauretta Huntley - Gilby .She has been kind enough to lend me some photos of some of the older residents of Kinsac . Perhaps some of you will remember them .If anyone else has information please e-mail it to me , drop off at 600 Kinsac Road or mail to 600 Kinsac Road , Kinsac N.S. B4G1C8. Thank You



 The following photos were kindly supplied by Lauretta Huntley - Gilby.


Contact Maureen Campbell at to contribute information to this page.

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