Muster Roll at Weymouth, Gullivers Hole and Sissiboo

Muster Roll at Weymouth, Gullivers Hole and Sissiboo

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Conducted between June 1st and June 6th 1784

This list was compiled from a variety of printed lists. Once again there are variations in spellings of names. I have used the one I found used most frequently on the 4 lists consulted. In addition to the information given here the following was on some of the lists, Number of Men, Women, Children under 10, Children over 10 and Servants.

Under the description section the abbreviation DS means Discharged Soldier & DO means Discharged Officer. Under Located at I have no idea why there are a couple of entries with an occupation listed except perhaps as an indication that these people were transients who travelled from place to place in search of employment.

Gullivers Hole was in present day Digby Neck, Sissiboo was present day Weymouth and surrounding area and St Marys Bay would have included Gilbert's Cove, Plympton, Barton and Brighton.

The Muster Roll was used to determine the needs of the Colony so that proper amounts of provisions could be petitioned for in England.

Head of Household# in family   DescriptionSettled In
Bannister,Thomas2Loyalist Sissiboo
Bunnell, Solomon7Loyalist Sissiboo
Burns, George1DS Kings Am Regt     Sissiboo
Burns, George1DS Kings OR Laborer
(2 George Burns are listed)
Cameron, John1DS Kings Am Drag Sissiboo
Cameron, John1DS 42 Regt Laborer
(2 John Camerons are listed)
Caniff, Daniel4Loyalist Sissiboo
Cornwell, Benjamin4Loyalist Sissiboo
Collins, William1Loyalist Wilmot
Cossman, John1Loyalist Sissiboo
Cummins, William1DS 42 Regt Laborer
Cummings, Wm1DS Kings Am Drag Sissiboo
Doughty, Samuel1Mariner Not Settled
Doughty, Samuel1Mariner Not Settled
(2 Samuel Doughtys are listed)
FitzRandolph, David1Loyalist Sissiboo
FitzRandolph, Doctor1Loyalist Sissiboo
Gibney, James1Loyalist Wilmot
Gilbert, Pearce1Loyalist St Marys Bay
Gilbert, Thomas3Loyalist St. Marys Bay
Gilbert, Thomas JR7Loyalist St. Marys Bay
Gilbert, Thomas, 3rd1Loyalist St. Marys Bay
Hains, Alexander7Loyalist Sissiboo
Hoyt, Jesse6Loyalist Sissiboo
John, Peter6Loyalist Sissiboo
Johnson, William4 Loyalist St Marys Bay
Jones, Cornet S2DO Kings Am Regt Sissiboo
Jones, Josiah6Loyalist Sissiboo
Jones, Widow6Loyalist Sissiboo
LeRoy, F.P.R7Loyalist Sissiboo
Lowe, John10Loyalist Sissiboo
Lowe, William1Loyalist Sissiboo
McConnell, Benjamin1 Loyalist St Marys Bay
McConnell, Joseph1 Loyalist St Marys Bay
McCulloch, James1 Loyalist St Marys Bay
McDonald, Donald1 DS Kings Am Regt St Marys Bay
McDonald, ________1DS 1st NJ Vols St Marys Bay
Morehouse, Jonathan5 Loyalist Gullivers Hole
McGuire3Loyalist Gullivers Hole
McKay, John1Loyalist St Marys Bay
Northrop, Joseph3 Loyalist Sissiboo
Outhouse, Nicholas8 Loyalist Gullivers Hole
Outhouse, Robert1 Loyalist Gullivers Hole
Petit, Isaac4Loyalist Sissiboo
Raymond, Simeon8 Loyalist Sissiboo
Reid, James1Loyalist Sissiboo
Saxton, John1Loyalist St Marys Bay
Saxton, Timothy1Loyalist St Marys Bay
Saxton, William5Loyalist St Marys Bay
Stephen, Phineas1 Loyalist St Marys Bay
Stephens, Enos1Loyalist St Marys Bay
Tarbell, James1Volunteer Sissiboo
Tarbell, Lieut. S7DO Kings Am Dragoon    Sissiboo
Taylor, Capt. John5 DO 1st NJ Vols Sissiboo
Thomas, Ebenezer1 Loyalist St Marys Bay
Tonge, Joshua3Loyalist Gullivers Hole
Weeks, Simon5Loyalist St Marys Bay
Wheeler, Hezekiah1 Loyalist Gullivers Hole
Williams, John1Loyalist Sissiboo
Wilson, Benjamin1 DS 1st NJ Vols St Marys Bay
Wilson, William1DS 1st NJ Vols Carpenter

Compiled by Elaine Deion




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