St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul

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Surname Name Inscription Date born Date died Obituary Headstone picture
Doucette Irene husband and wife   Born 1895  died 1971    
Ernest Son        
DEVEAU Capt. John     Friday, January 18, 1924


THIBAULT Leo Alphonse     Thursday, Aug. 22, 2002 age 79


SAULNIER Regina     January 11, 2004


THIBAULT Emile J.     19 Juillet 1942 age de 23 ans    thibault_emile_j.jpg (465991 bytes)
THIBAULT Eusebe     28 April 1882 68 ans    thibault_eusebe_rosalie.jpg (500365 bytes)
THIBAULT Rosalie     13 Oct 1908 87 ans    thibault_eusebe_rosalie.jpg (500365 bytes)
THIBAULT Cyriac   March 25, 1849 Sept. 24, 1915    thibault_cyriac.jpg (492506 bytes)
THIBAULT Anselm     17 march 1923 age 96 ans    thibault_anselm.jpg (502858 bytes)
THIBAULT Edward   1876 1946     thibault_edward.jpg (506327 bytes)

Transcribed and photos by Sharon Chase

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