Place Cemeteries

Place Cemeteries

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Denise J Rice

Digby County Cemeteries by place 






Ridge Cemetery , Acadiavile - (Picture)

Hillgrove United Baptist Cemetery , Acadiaville (Picture)

United Baptist Cemetery , Ashmore - (Picture)

Barton Cemetery , Barton - (Picture)

Loyalist/Old Baptist Cemetery , Bear River - (Picture)

Historical Cemetery , Belliveau's Cove

Bloomfield Cemetery , Bloomfield

Old Bloomfield Cemetery , Bloomfield

Brighton Cemetery , Brighton - (Picture)

Union Burial Ground , Centreville-Lake Midway - (Picture)

Central Grove Cemetery , Central Grove - (Picture)

Church Point Cemetery , Church Point

Clare Cemetery , Clare - (Picture)

Black Cemetery , Conway - (Picture)

Forest Hill , Conway - (Picture)

Emmanuel Fellowship, Baptist Church Cemetery , Culloden

Broad Cove Cemetery , Culloden

Corberrie St.Jean Baptiste, Corberrie - (Picture)

Bay View United Church Cemetery , Digby - (Picture)

Grace United Fairview, Methodist Cemetery , Digby

Digby Gut , Digby

Digby Neck Road , Digby

Lighthouse Road Cemetery, Digby

Loyalist/Old Baptist Cemetery, Bear River

Old Loyalist , Digby - (Picture)

Pleasant Valley /United Baptist Cemeteries , Digby - (Picture)

Racket Cemetery , Digby

St Patricks, Roman Catholic Cemetery , Digby

Roman Catholic Cemetery , Doucetteville - (Picture)

East Ferry Cemetery , East Ferry

Brookside Cemetery , Freeport

Hilltop Cemetery , Freeport - (Picture)

Grover & Ruggles Cemetery , Freeport

Woodlawn Cemetery , Freeport

Valley Cemetery , Freeport

Holy Cross, Roman Catholic Cemetery , Gilberts Cove - (Picture)

Gullivers Hole (Cove) Cemetery , Gullivers Hole

Anglican Cemetery , Hassett - (Picture)

Lake Side & Nowlan Cemetery , Havelock - (Picture)

Joggin Cemetery , Joggin

Jordontown Cemetery , Jordontown

United Baptist Cemetery , Little River (Picture)

Hillcrest Cemetery , Little River - ( Picture)

Cemetery , Marshalltown - (Picture)

Madonna Cemetery , Marshalltown - (Picture)

St Pauls, Anglican Cemetery , Marshalltown - (Picture)

Roman Catholic Cemetery, Metegan

Cemetery , Metegan River

Cemetery , Metagan River

Mink Cove Cemetery , Mink Cove

Cemetery , Mount Pleasant

New Tusket United Baptist Church Cemetery, New Tusket

North Range Methodist Church Cemetery, North Range (Picture)

Cemetery , Plympton

Holy Cross Parish Cemetery , Plympton

Savary Park Cemetery , Plympton

Prince William Cemetery , Prince William

All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery , Rossway

United Baptist Cemetery , Rossway

Upper Rossway Cemetery , Rossway

Waterford Cemetery , Rossway/Seabrook

Riverside Baptist Cemetery , Saint Bernard

Roman Catholic Cemetery , Saint Bernard

Cemetery , Salmon River

St Vincents Cemetery , Salmon River

Anglican Cemetery , Sandy Cove

United Baptist Church Cemetery , Sandy Cove

United Zion Church Cemetery , Sandy Cove

Roman Catholic Cemetery #1,Saulnierville

Roman Catholic Cemetery #2 , Saulnierville

Seawall Cemetery , Seawall

Shelburn Road Cemetery , Shelburn Road

Roops Point Cemetery , Smiths Cove

Smith / Sulis Cemetery , Smiths Cove - (Picture)

Thomas Cemetery , Smiths Cove - (Picture)

Woodman Cemetery , Smiths Cove (Picture)

Victoria Bridge Cemetery , Smiths Cove

South Range Cemetery , South Range

Southville Cemetery , Southville

Tiverton Cemetery , Tiverton - (Picture)

Hilltop Cemetery , Westport - (Picture)

Pea Jack Road/Street Cemetery , Westport, - (Picture)

Westport Cemetery , Westport

Weymouth Cemetery , Weymouth (Picture)

Weymouth Cemetery ,"By Kingdom Hall", Weymouth (Picture)

Weymouth Cemetery , Weymouth

Church of Christ Cemetery , Weymouth

Heartz Memorial, United Old Methodist Cemetery , Weymouth (Picture)

People United Cemetery , Weymouth

Pet Cemetery , Weymouth ? (Picture)

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery , Weymouth (Picture)

Riverside United Baptist Church Cemetery , Weymouth (Picture)

St Patricks Anglican Cemetery , Weymouth

St Peters Anglican Church Cemetery , Weymouth (Picture)

Tabranacial Church Cemetery , Weymouth

St Mathews Anglican Church Cemetery , Weymouth Falls











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