St. Cleophas Cemetery, Hectanooga, Clare

St. Cleophas Cemetery, Hectanooga, Clare

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1891 1985


thibault_vincent.JPG (518957 bytes)

Thibault Alphie J. 1908 1989  thibault_alphie_maryalice.jpg (537145 bytes)
Thibault James E. 1900 1935 thibault_alphie_maryalice.jpg (537145 bytes)
Deveau Mary Alice thibault_alphie_maryalice.jpg (537145 bytes)
Thibault Gerald






thibault_gerald.jpg (510961 bytes)

Thibault Marguerite 1886 1963 thibault_marguerite.jpg (503603 bytes)
Thibault Evelina 1916 1975 thibault_evelina.jpg (515965 bytes)

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