Digby Births Page 28

Digby Births Page 28

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
214520Charles B. MOREHOUSEM14 Oct 1874Little RiverDaniel J. MOREHOUSEFarmerEliza CORNWELL1871 Little River
214521Wayland GUTHREM15 Oct 1874Little RiverNewton GUTHREFishermanEliza Jane HILLNot given
214522Lucy FIELD (TIDD)F02 Nov 1874Little RiverAnsley FIELD (TIDD)FarmerChloe FIELD (TIDD)1865 Little River
214523Arthur E. SMALLM15 Nov 1874Little RiverFranklin P. SMALLFishermanMary E. MOREHOUSE1867 Little River
214524Annie H. BLACKFORDF17 Nov 1874East FerryJohn A. BLACKFORDFishermanAda U. DOUCETTE1874 Little River
214525Charles T. D. MORSEM03 Dec 1874Sandy CoveJohn C. MORSEMinisterFrances L. DAKIN29 Apr 1873 Digby
21517Elizabeth ELLIOTTF12 Nov 1874(Tiverton)Alfred ELLIOTTFarmerAlice PERRY (PRIME)29 Aug 1868 Tiverton
21518Frederick TIBERTM01 Feb 1875(Tiverton)William TIBERTFarmerMarion OUTHOUSE1 Aug 18- Tiverton
21519Seraph Jane RUGGLESF23 Feb 1875(Tiverton)H.M. RUGGLESLightkeeperLalia GRANT19 Dec 18- Weymouth
21520Affie SMALLF14 Mar 1875(Tiverton)Freeman SMALLFishermanLizzie WILSON28 Dec 1870 Digby
21521Edward E. WALKERM15 Mar 1875TivertonWilliam WALKERMirella POWELL30 Dec 1874 Tiverton
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