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Digby Births Page 27

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
207364____ TAYLORF05 Aug 1874Digby NeckHenry TAYLORFarmer____ TAYLORNot given
207368____ POSTM09 Sep 1874Broad CoveWilliam E. POSTFarmerSarah PICKETTNot given
207376Herman Crocker WYMANM17 Mar 1874FreeportHerman A. WYMANMaster marinerMary Ellen PERRY1857 Freeport
207377Lizzie Orilla PERRYF31 Mar 1874FreeportReuben PERRYFishermanSophia YOUNG1870 Sandy Cove
207378Samuel STEVENSM11 Aug 1874FreeportJames STEVENSFishermanVictoria THURBER1873 Freeport
208379John Edward ELLIOTTM11 Aug 1874FreeportEdward ELLIOTTMarinerSarah A. McKENZIE1869 Freeport
208380Frances Lavinia THOMPSONF16 Jun 1874WestportMoses A. THOMPSONFishermanJane HISLOP1850 Westport
208381Eva Woodworth GLAVINF24 Aug 1874WestportJames GLAVINFishermanHannah MORSE1869 Sandy Cove
208382Edith M. JOHNSONF04 Aug 1874Sandy CoveCollins JOHNSONHouse joinerCaroline A. RICE29 Dec 1857
208383Coran B. Graham COSSABOOMM25 Aug 1874CentrevilleWm. W. COSSABOOMFishermanMary A. GRAHAM11 Jan 1872 Centreville
208384George G. GIDNEYM17 Sep 1874Mink CoveJoshua GIDNEYFishermanClarissa RAYMOND4 Jun 1870 Mink Cove
208385Bertha STANTONF23 Jul 1874Little RiverRaymond STANTONFarmerCatherine WAGNER18 Jan 1852 Weymouth
208386Annie E. THERIOF02 Aug 1874Mink CoveJohn THERIOFarmerMargaret WHITE1864 Church Point
208387Althea Maud TITUSF28 Aug 1874CentrevilleJoseph C. TITUSFishermanHetty DARCY29 Jun 1852 Centreville
208388Julisha M. DAKINF24 Jul 1874Sandy CoveWallace DAKINMarinerSophia ELDRIDGE10 Aug 1862 Sandy Cove
208389Charles Russell PYNEM02 Dec 1874TivertonCharles W. PYNEFishermanBenitha (Seretha) WESTCOTT08 Jan 1874 Sandy Cove
208390George Hanford SMITHM11 Dec 1874TivertonStephen SMITHFishermanEmma OSINGER14 Apr 1872 Tiverton
208391Merold Prebbel OUTHOUSEM21 Dec 1874(Tiverton)Byron OUTHOUSEFishermanLaura BLACKFORD29 Aug 1874
209404____ CORNWELLF31 May 1874RosswayJacob L. CORNWELLFarmerSarah SULISNot given
209408____ HUTCHINGSM01 Oct 1874Digby NeckWilliam HUTCHINGSFarmer(Martha) COSSABOOM(1861 Sandy Cove)
209409____ O'CONNORF02 Oct 1874Broad CoveJohn O'CONNORCarpenterCatherine VAN TASSELNot given
209419____ DAKINM20 Nov 1874DigbyRandolph DAKINPainter(Rosa Ann) CORD(27 Jul 1865 Digby)
210422____ GILLALANDM24 Nov 1874Digby NeckJ. GILLALANDFarmer____ GILLALANDNot given
210425____ HUTCHINSONM04 Dec 1874Digby NeckDennis T. HUTCHINSONFarmerWealthy HUTCHINSONNot given
210427____ MERRITTM24 Nov 1874HillsburghMichael MERRITTFarmer(Christianna) MERRITT22 Dec 1870-50 Annapolis
213499____ CHUTEF08 Dec 1874Bear RiverSidney CHUTEFarmerSarah GILLILANJan 1874 St. Mary's Bay
213501Willard Elsworth MERRITTM24 Nov 1874Smith's CoveMichael MERRITTFarmerChristianna MERRITT22 Dec 1870-50 Annapolis
214509Elizabeth Bell MORRILLF19 Aug 1874WestportAlbert MORRILLFishermanEmma TITUS1873 Yarmouth
214510Almeda PUGHF03 Sep 1874WestportIsaac PUGHFishermanMartha WELCH1871 Westport
214511Darrell Parker LEWISM28 Sep 1874FreeportWaitstill LEWISMaster marinerCaroline HAINES1863 Freeport
214512Edward Judson COGGINSM07 Oct 1874WestportWalter COGGINSFishermanHelen J. TITUS1873 Westport
214513Harwood HARVEYM08 Nov 1874WestportBernard HARVEYTeacherUrsula DENTON1866 Little River
214514Ernest Isaac FORDM02 Dec 1874WestportWilliam FORDBookkeeperEliza PETERS1874 St. John, N. B.
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