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Digby Births Page 26

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
19368Mabel Suthern CLEMENTSF23 Nov 1873WestportGeorge W. CLEMENTSFishermanMinetta BAIN1872 Yarmouth
19369Hettie PERRYF09 Jan 1874FreeportEdward PERRYFishermanEmily STEVENS1873 Freeport
19370Manning HERSEYM24 Dec 1873FreeportHarvey HERSEYFishermanSusan MULLIN1860 Freeport
19371Sereatha HAINESF10 Jan 1874FreeportRobert HAINESShoemakerRebecca PERRY1856 Freeport
19372Edmund B. WELCHM08 Jan 1874WestportJohn O. WELCHMarinerMary DENTON1870 St. John, N.B.
19373George Lyman THOMPSONM02 Dec 1873WestportCharles H. THOMPSONFishermanEliza A. HARRIS1870 Yarmouth
19496William J. GIDNEYM28 Jan 1874Digby NeckJ.W. GIDNEYFarmerMary E. ROBESHAU1868 Sandy Cove
19497Charles A. RAYMONDM22 Jan 1874Sandy CoveTheodore RAYMONDFishermanMary WHITE1870 Belliveaux Cove
19498Emma M. ELDRIDGEF24 Feb 1874Sandy CoveFountain ELDRIDGEFarmerSarah A. GILLALAND1857 Sandy Cove
19499Annie L. ELDRIDGEF24 Feb 1874Sandy CoveFountain ELDRIDGEFarmerSarah A. GILLALAND1857 Sandy Cove
194100Lyons STANTONM? Nov 1873Petite PassageWilliam STANTONFishermanMelissa OUTHOUSE1864 Digby Co.
194101Eva L. SAUNDERSF08 Mar 1874Sandy CoveLemuel J. SAUNDERSMaster marinerAdelaide ELDRIDGE1856 Sandy Cove
194102Victoria MELANSONF06 Mar 1874Little RiverCyril MELANSONFarmerEllen WILSON1858 Digby
194103William A. FROSTM14 Mar 1874Little RiverBenjamin FROSTCarpenterJanet MOREHOUSE1860 Little River
194104Lilia Sophia DELANEYF01 Jan 1874Long IslandPatrick DELANEYFarmerMary Sophia POWELLJan 1862 Long Island
194105Nellie CLIFFORDF18 Jan 1874Long IslandJohn CLIFFORDFarmerMatilda CLIFFORD1 Jan 1852 Long Island
198189Bessie Maud PETERSF18 Dec 1873WestportCharles H. PETERSMarinerSarah TITUS1873 Westport
199202Walden CRANDELLM20 Jan 1874JogginJohn CRANDELLFarmerSarah M. CUFF20 Nov 1873 Digby
199208Lottie May MOSELYF04 Apr 1874TivertonGeorge E. MOSELYFishermanBetsy STARK20 Dec 1854 Tiverton
199209Bessie W. OUTHOUSEF16 Apr 1874TivertonAllan OUTHOUSEFishermanCatherine STEPHENS21 Mar 1868 Freeport
199210William Perry McKAYM18 May 1874TivertonJoseph McKAYMarinerRuth PERRY28 Feb 1864 Freeport
201240Agnes Olivet SMITHF18 Jun 1874Smith's CoveIsaac SMITHFarmerAnna ODEL16 Mar 1865 Smith's Cove
201246Bessie A. MERITTF12 Apr 1874Mink CoveGilbert MERITTFishermanManeta DENTON1864 Digby
201247Ella May DENTONF02 May 1874WaterfordWallace C. DENTONFarmerMary A. BELL1870 Digby
201248G.(Gertrude) M. TRASKF12 May 1874Little RiverThomas TRASKFarmerChloe WESCOTT1851 Little River
201249Kelsey C. DENTONM20 May 1874Little RiverKelsy DENTONFarmerMary E. BROOKS1852 Little River
201250Fredie TRASKM23 May 1874Little RiverWallace TRASKFishermanMary P. (DENTON)1870 Little River
201251Edith B. MOREHOUSEF25 May 1874Sandy CoveJ (Jacob) E. MOREHOUSELaborerElizabeth SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
201252Thomas Cutler MOREHOUSEM07 Jun 1874Sandy CoveReuben T. MOREHOUSEMaster marinerAnnie (LEARY)1868 Sandy Cove
204308Clarissa Jane McALPINEF22 Jul 1874New TusketGeorge M. McALPINEFarmerSarah Ann JOHNSON25 Jul 1874 Sandy Cove
204315Joseph Alfred OUTHOUSEM19 Aug 1874TivertonJoseph OUTHOUSEMarinerAdeline TEEDDec 1857
205316Sarah Sophia GREENLOWF21 Sep 1874TivertonWilliam GREENLOWFishermanRachel OUTHOUSEMar 1855
207359____ FROSTM14 Jul 1874Digby GutShepherd J. FROSTLight keeper____ FROSTNot given
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