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Digby Births Page 24

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
178278Wm. Frederick PETERSM09 Mar 1873WestportThomas C. J. PETERSFishermanClara C. COGGINS1872 Westport
178279Miriam DENTONF23 Mar 1873WestportWilson DENTONFishermanMaggie G. MITCHELL1868 Baltimore, U.S.A.
178280Sandel E. HARRISM12 May 1873Sandy CoveSandel HARRISFarmerMary H. RAYMOND1870 Sandy Cove
178281Maud M. FARROWF02 Jun 1873Sandy CoveJohn FARROWSeamanMary COSSABOOM1866 Sandy Cove
178282Roland SAUNDERSM23 May 1873Sandy CoveLorenzo SAUNDERSFarmerCatherine GIDNEY1860 Sandy Cove
178283Maurice MOUNTM10 Jul 1873WestportMaurice MOUNTLabourerEllen SULLIVAN1872 Long Island
178284Mary Allan SUTHERNF31 Aug 1873WestportCharles D. SUTHERNFishermanFannie CORNWELL1872 Westport
178285George Allison COGGINSM05 Sep 1873WestportGeorge COGGINSFishermanAnnie L. POTTER1858 Westport
178287Stanley OUTHOUSEM02 Aug 1873Petite PassageRussell OUTHOUSEYeomanEasey (Rosey) TARIODec 1872 Petite Passage
178288Annie RUGGLESF10 Aug 1873Petite PassageHenry M. RUGGLESLightkeeperLaleah GRANTDec 1861 Weymouth
178289Phylidia B. OUTHOUSEF16 Aug 1873Petite PassageMilton OUTHOUSEMerchantMariah BLACKFORDApr 1870 Petite Passage
178290Warren P. POWELLM18 Aug 1873Long IslandWilliam H. POWELLYeomanMary POWELLApr 1864 Long Island
178291Minard J. OUTHOUSEM17 Sep 1873Petite PassageCharles OUTHOUSEFerry keeperHonoreau TARIOJun 1868 Petite Passage
181349____ THOMASM10 Aug 1873Broad CoveGeorge THOMASFarmerMargaret THOMASNot given
183381Lillian GILLIANF23 Apr 1873Digby NeckJacob H. GILLIANFarmerEvelina J. DENTON1861 Little River
183382Fred M. DAKINM08 Mar 1873CentrevilleT. W. DAKINMerchantJane DAKIN1865 Sandy Cove
183383William A. TITUSM04 Mar 1873CentrevilleJoseph TITUSFarmerEllen STANTON1863 Centreville
183384Hannah A. MOREHOUSEF24 Jul 1873Sandy CoveJ. H. or W. MOREHOUSEMarinerLeafy SAUNDERS1860 Digby
183385Wm. U. COSSABOOMM22 Jul 1873Digby NeckEdward COSSABOOMFarmerSarah A. DENTON1856 Little River
183386Bernard A. FROSTM01 Jun 1873Little RiverP (Peter) W. FROSTMerchantLucinda V. DENTON1856 Little River
183387Beard G. CROWELLM27 Jul 1873Sandy CoveWilliam H. CROWELLFarmerAmelia SAUNDERS1866 Sandy Cove
183390John VAN BLARCOMM17 Aug 1873BrightonHiram VAN BLARCOMEngineerBetsy Ann BLACKFORD14 Sep 1873 Tiverton
183392Jane DALYF04 Aug 1873BloomfieldCharles DALYFarmerJane ZWICKER4 Jul 1859 Digby Neck
184416Annie D. MOREHOUSEF21 Aug 1873Digby NeckDavid MOREHOUSECarpenterBethia DAKIN1855 Digby Neck
184417Wayland McDERMONDM04 Aug 1873Guliver's CoveCharles McDERMONDFarmerAnnie HINES1870 Digby Neck
184418Wallace A. WARDM30 Nov 1873Trout CoveAlfred WARDFarmerHannah BAR3 Dec 1870 Digby
184419Betty DAKINF19 Nov 1873CentrevilleMorton DAKINFishermanTherida TITUS1862 Sandy Cove
184420Emma J. THIBODEAUF30 Oct 1873Sea WallMaturine THIBODEAUFarmerCatherine COMEAU1873 Digby
185421Frederick LEWISM19 Nov 1873Sea WallNorman LEWISSeamanElizabeth COMEAU1864 Weymouth
185422Elenor COSSABOOMF12 Sep 1873Gulliver's CoveWilliam COSSABOOMFarmerPolyna HINES1870 Gulliver's Cove
185423Byron W. MOREHOUSEM11 Mar 1873Sandy CoveJacob E. MOREHOUSEFarmerElizabeth SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
185424George G. GIDNEYM12 Sep 1873Sandy CoveGeorge J. GIDNEYFarmerClarissa J. RAYMON1868 Sandy Cove
185425Maggie M. HERSEYF13 Oct 1873Sandy CoveGeorge HERSEYMarinerMelvina SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
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