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Digby Births Page 23

Digby Births Page 23

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
170111Frank Campbell FORDM07 Dec 1872WestportEldridge C. FORDClergymanAnnie MINARD1865 Milton, Queens Co.
170112Phoebe Emma HALEYF01 Jan 1873WestportGilbert C. HARLEYMaster marinerPhoebe E. WELCH1857 Westport
170113Arthur Livingston PUGHM09 Nov 1872WestportJohn PUGHFishermanPhoebe MORRILL1869 Westport
170114Charles Fenwick PUGHM12 Oct 1872WestportIsaac PUGHFishermanMartha WELCH1871 Westport
170115Joseph PARRYM16 May 1872FreeportJacob PARRYFishermanSarah E. POWELL1856 Long Island
170116Ernest THURBERM05 Aug 1872FreeportAmos THURBERFishermanElizabeth SOLLOWS1869 Yarmouth
170117Ellea Elena THURBERF26 Aug 1872FreeportAlbert J. THURBERMaster marinerSarah HAINES1869 Freeport
170118Elizabeth THURBERF14 Sep 1872FreeportBenjamin THURBERFishermanNancy BROOKS1861 Long Island
170119Rebecca BROOKSF18 Oct 1872FreeportCharles BROOKSCaulkerMatilda CAMPBELL1864 Freeport
170120Henry Morton ISRAELM29 Jan 1873FreeportAlbert J. ISRAELSeamanMary CAMPBELL1867 Freeport
170121Robert Stanley SULLIVANM26 Feb 1873FreeportJames SULLIVANFishermanEmma J. MOORE1867 Annapolis
170122Charles Harwood GOWERM21 Dec 1872WestportJames GOWERFishermanHenrietta WELCH1868 Westport
171144____ HAZELTONF07 Feb 1873Digby NeckWilliam HAZELTONMariner____ HAZELTONNot given
172149____ ADAMSM31 Mar 1873Broad CoveCharles ADAMSFisherman____ HANDSPIKERNot given
172150Selden C. COSSABOOMM26 Dec 1872CentrevilleWm. W. COSSABOOM(Fisherman)Mary A. GRAHAM1872 Centreville
172151Israel F. BLACKFORDM28 Dec 1872East FerryJohn A. BLACKFORDFishermanAnnie B. DOUCETT1871 East Ferry
172152Cymenthia Y. CROWELLF08 Jan 1873Sandy CoveGeorge CROWELLFarmerCynthia YOUNG1868 Sandy Cove
172153Zilphia A. TIDDF13 Mar 1873Little RiverWilliam TIDDFishermanEmily (PRIME)1866 Freeport
172154Richard H. M. PINEOM23 Feb 1873Sandy CoveJ.F. PINEOPhysicianJessie A. PINEO1871 Bridgetown
172155Alfred LORDM26 Feb 1873Little RiverHosea LORDFishermanCinthy HERSY1859 Little River
172156Randolph THERIOM23 Jan 1873Sandy CoveJohn THERIOFarmerMargaret WHITE1865 Church Point, Clare
172157Roland MOREHOUSEM19 Oct 1872CentrevilleCharles H. MOREHOUSEFarmerRachel COSSABOOM1869 Sandy Cove
172158Carrie May GRAHAMF06 Mar 1873CentrevilleHolland GRAHAMFarmerCharity PETERS1869 Digby
174192Bertrand L. B. SMITHF?14 Apr 1873Smith's CoveCharles SMITHMaster marinerLavinia CARTY22 Aug 1863 Sandy Cove
176232____ GRAYF30 May 1873Broad CoveDavid E. GRAYFarmerMary E. WARNERNot given
177263Byron BLACKFORDM09 Jan 1872Long IslandHenry Allan BLACKFORDSeamanSarah Ellen PYNEMay 1871 Long Island
177264Francis OUTHOUSEF05 Apr 1873Petite PassageHeber OUTHOUSEFishermanMary Elizabeth TARIONov 1864 Petite Passage
177265Wm. Parker TIBERTM04 Mar 1873Long IslandIsaiah TIBERTYeomanFrances Ann DENTONMar 1868 Digby Neck
177266Dora Estella POWELLF12 May 1873Long IslandNelson POWELLYeomanAnna ALEXANDERDec 1855 Long Island
177267Ellen POWELLF04 Jan 1873Long IslandBenjamin POWELLYeomanLavinia SHORTLIFFMar 1864 Long Island
177268Wm. H. MOSLEYM10 Jun 1873Petite PassageNot namedEleanor Ann MOSLEYNot married
177269Alice May OUTHOUSEF26 Jun 1873Petite PassageJohn Wesley OUTHOUSEMerchantLinda HAINESNov 1858 Petite Passage
178277Emma Adelia COGGINSF14 Nov 1872WestportJackson COGGINSFishermanSarah A. RICE1871 Westport
Page 23March 12, 1999

Extracted from LDS film # 1298667 by Theresa Mangnall

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