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Digby Births Page 22

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
158328Ada Ann MOOREF27 Mar 1872FreeportAseph MOORESeamanMary J. MULLIN1858 Weymouth
158329Phoebe Rhuama PARRYF01 May 1872FreeportJames PARRYFishermanRuth CROCKER1869 Freeport
158330Frederick LENTM10 Jun 1872FreeportShippy LENTMerchantEuphemia MOORE1858 Freeport
158331Daisy HAINESF19 Mar 1872FreeportIsrael HAINESFishermanArandele (DICKSON)1869 Freeport
158332Ernest Haines LEWISM23 Nov 1871FreeportWaitstill LEWISMarinerCaroline HAINES1863 Freeport
158333Charles MORANM22 May 1872FreeportHugh MORANFarmerEliza (MORRILL)1864 Freeport
158334Bessie EWINGF06 May 1872FreeportWilliam EWINGCaulkerElizabeth RISTEEN1867 Cornwallis
158335James Manning LENTM04 May 1872FreeportManning LENTMaster marinerMary E. ISRAEL1866 Freeport
159353Francis DEVAULTF28 Jun 1872New EdinburghAugustine DEVAULTSarah WESTCOTT1858 New Edinburgh, Clare
162412Fletcher Hall ELLIOTTM28 Oct 1872Petite PassageAlphy ELLIOTTYeomanAlice PRIMEAug 1869 Long Island
162413Celia MOSLEYF15 Oct 1872Petite PassageGeorge MOSLEYSeamanElizabeth STIRKDec 1854 Petite Passage
162414Frederick STANTONM07 Sep 1872Petite PassageJohn STANTONSeamanHenrietta BARNESAug 1872 Petite Passage
162415Howard GREENLANDM19 Dec 1872Petite PassageWilliam GREENLANDSeamanRachel OUTHOUSEMar 1866 Petite Passage
162416Hulden SMALLM28 Dec 1872Petite PassageFreeman SMALLSeamanElizabeth WILSONDec 1870 Digby Neck
162417Lateria B. THOMASF13 Oct 1872Sandy CoveCharles P. THOMASMaster marinerIsabell BISHOP1856 Sandy Cove
162418Manette M. MOREHOUSEF05 Oct 1872Sandy CoveMathew MOREHOUSEMarinerSarah J. SEELY1854 St. Mary's Bay
162419Elizabeth T. McNEILF05 Jul 1872WaterfordJohn C. McNEILFarmerSarah SMITH1862 St. Mary's Bay
162420George W. MOREHOUSEM24 Sep 1872East FerryDaniel J. MOREHOUSEFarmerHarriet E. MOREHOUSE1870 Little River
162421Nancy STANTONF20 Nov 1872Little RiverRaymond STANTONFarmerCatherine (WAGGONER)1858 Weymouth
163422Meronia CARTYF02 Oct 1872Little RiverWellington CARTYFarmerHannah (WARD)1863 Sandy Cove
163423Marvin D. MOREHOUSEM13 Nov 1872CentrevilleLemuel D. MOREHOUSEFishermanMary DAKIN1865 Centreville
163424Louisa MERRYF20 Sep 1872Sandy CoveRichard MERRYMechanicMary D. HARRIS1871 Sandy Cove
163425Effie C. GIDNEYF21 Dec 1872Sandy CoveJohn B. GIDNEYMarinerLouisa HARRIS1866 Sandy Cove
163426Walter L. MOREHOUSEM02 Sep 1872Sandy CoveGeorge A. MOREHOUSEFarmerMahala COSSABOOM1863 Sandy Cove
163441Alice Cecelia PACKF08 Jul 1872WestportThomas PACKMarinerHelen WELCH1866 Westport
163442Arthur Collins PAYSONM04 May 1872WestportHandley B. PAYSONMarinerSarah COLLINS1860 Westport
164443Eleanor CANNF31 Aug 1872WestportGeorge CANNFishermanCaroline MORRILL1868 Westport
164444Handford TITUSM10 Sep 1872WestportHoward C. TITUSFishermanEmeline THURBER1871 Westport
164453____ DAKINM11 Dec 1872Digby GutBotsford DAKINFarmerMargaret A. DAKINNot given
165468Annie Zetta VAN BLARCOMF14 Oct 1872BrightonBenjamin VAN BLARCOMTraderCatherine NICKERSON7 Jul 1849 Westport
165469____ RYANM09 Oct 1872BrightonJohn RYANMarinerJane HYNES4 Aug 1854 Rossway
16640Charlotte A. ISRAELF08 Mar 1873Belliveaux CoveGeorge C. ISRAELMerchantMary TEED1868 Freeport
170108Freeman A. McALPINEM05 Dec 1872New TusketGeorge McALPINE(Farmer)Sarah Ann JOHNSON25 Jul 1857 Sandy Cove
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