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Digby Births Page 21

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
148121____ MIDDLSTONF09 May 1872Broad CoveGeorge MIDDLSTONMarinerMary A. STARKNot given
148122____ BUDD?09 Jun 1872Digby NeckElisha BUDDFarmerCinthia DALEYNot given
150161Walter S. GIDNEYM06 Apr 1872Sandy CoveJohn GIDNEYFishermanClary RAYMOND1870 Sandy Cove
150162Mellman B. ELDRIDGEM14 May 1872Sandy CoveBurkit ELDRIDGEFarmerMary CARTY1870 Sandy Cove
150163Alice M. MOREHOUSEF14 Apr 1872Sandy CoveF.H. MOREHOUSEMarinerLeaffy SAUNDERS1862 Digby
150164Vera E. BISHOPF04 Apr 1872Sandy CoveRobert BISHOPMarinerIsabel SAUNDERS1867 Sandy Cove
150165Avard B. WARDM21 Mar 1872CentrevilleAlfred WARDFarmerHannah BARR1871 Digby
150166William MORTONM22 Mar 1872CentrevilleDaniel MORTONShipwrightAdelaid JORDON1867 Centreville
150167Rhoda E. MOREHOUSEF24 Dec 1871CentrevilleWilliam MOREHOUSEFarmerHephzibah SWIFT1858 Centreville
152204George R. ARMSTRONGM15 Apr 1872(Bloomfield)Francis ARMSTRONGFarmerAnn COSSABOOM30 Jun 1855 Digby Neck
152209George Henry PETERSM17 Feb 1872WestportJames A (Alfred) PETERSMerchantAdelaide CANN1854 Yarmouth
152210Jackson Coggin MARTINM09 Jun 1872WestportNot namedElizabeth MARTINNot married
154242John CLIFFORDM26 May 1872Long IslandJohn CLIFFORDYeomanMatilda CALHOONJan 1862 Long Island
154243Mary W. COSSEBOOMF02 Jun 1872Petite PassageGeorge COSSEBOOMSeamanMargaret SMITHDec 1865 Petite Passage
154244Lucy Ann BARRYF02 Jun 1872Long IslandAllen BARRYSeamanZuby WALKERSep 1868 Long Island
154245Maggy McKAYF21 Jun 1872Petite PassageJames McKAYMaster marinerAmandy BLACKFORDOct 1869 Petite Passage
154246Wentworth HUCKINGSM01 Jul 1872Petite PassageWilliam HUCKINGSSeamanLavinia TIDDMar 1862 Long Island
154247Albert Edwin OUTHOUSEM01 Jul 1872Petite PassageAmos OUTHOUSEMaster marinerSophronia OUTHOUSEJul 1858 Petite Passage
154248Sinthy Catherine OUTHOUSEF12 Jul 1872Petite PassageWellington OUTHOUSESeamanSarah OUTHOUSEDec 1852 Petite Passage
154249Arthur SHAWM07 Sep 1872Long IslandCharles SHAWSeamanEmeline OUTHOUSEApr 1862 Petite Passage
155268Hannah M. MERRITTF16 Apr 1872Sandy CoveGilbert MERRITTFarmerManette DENTON1864 Digby
155269Oren E. DENTONM24 Apr 1872Little RiverJoseph E. DENTONFarmerAmanda DENTON1872 Little River
155270Vicy E. TITUSF21 Sep 1872CentrevilleJoseph C. TITUSFarmerHettie DARCEY1863 Centreville
155271Letitia M. MITCHELLF20 Sep 1872Sandy CoveArthur MITCHELLMaster marinerMary E. ELDRIDGE1856 Digby
155272Theodocia E. GILLALANDF31 Jul 1872CentrevilleJames GILLALANDFarmerDorinda TITUS1872 Centreville
157295____ ROBBINSM20 Jun 1872RosswayJacob C. ROBBINSFarmerClarissa TIMPANYNot given
157297Annie Barbara McKAYF07 Aug 1872Digby NeckGeorge McKAYFarmerCynthia McKAYNot given
157302____ HUTCHINS (twins)M03 Aug 1872Digby NeckWilliam HUTCHINS(Farmer)(Martha) COSSEBOOM(1861 Sandy Cove)
157303____ HUTCHINS (twins)M03 Aug 1872Digby NeckWilliam HUTCHINS(Farmer)(Martha) COSSEBOOM(1861 Sandy Cove)
158324Millettia Beatrice TITUSF12 Feb 1872WestportCollins TITUSFishermanMargaret WELCH1871 Westport
158325Leonard Franklin GLAVINM25 May 1872WestportJames GLAVINFishermanHannah MORSE1869 Sandy Cove
158326Bessie MOOREF23 Feb 1872FreeportCharles W. MOOREFishermanEmily STERNS1869 Freeport
158327Ella Frances BROOKSF07 Mar 1872FreeportSamuel BROOKSSeamanSusan S. PARRY1871 Freeport
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