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Digby Births Page 20

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
139432Alva THURBERF26 Aug 1871FreeportEzrom S. THURBERFishermanAdelia A. DANIELS1871 Freeport
139433Annie Melissa THURBERF30 Aug 1871FreeportBenjamin THURBERFishermanMaria PRIME1863 Freeport
139434Daisy Kate Troop CROCKERF09 Aug 1871FreeportGeorge C. CROCKERMaster marinerEliza A. PERRY1854 Freeport
139435Lucy E. GIDNEYF06 Aug 1871Digby NeckJ.W. GIDNEYMarinerElizabeth ROBICHAU1868 Sandy Cove
139436John B. GILLALANDM18 Aug 1871RosswayJacob GILLALANDFarmerEveline DENTON1865 Little River
139437Charles F. GILLALANDM12 Sep 1871RosswayJohn W. GILLALANDFarmerEmma A. CLARK1869 Hillsburgh
139438Adelia E. O'NEALF08 Sep 1871Sandy CoveJohn O'NEALFarmerCynthia RAYMOND1857 Sandy Cove
139439Charles F. TIBERTM15 Oct 1871Little RiverJames H. TIBERTFishermanCaroline HERSEY1868 Little River
139440Elizabeth A. RAYMONDF20 Oct 1871Sandy CoveTheodore RAYMONDMarinerMary WHITE1870 Clare
139441Catherine R. HUTCHINSONF01 Sep 1871RosswayJames HUTCHINSONFarmerAlice ABBOTT1865 St. Mary's Bay
139442Elinor A. ELDRIDGEF20 Dec 1871Sandy CoveHarvey ELDRIDGEFarmerMary A. MOREHOUSE1854 Digby Neck
140443Howard C. SAUNDERSM04 Nov 1871Sandy CoveSamuel J. SAUNDERSMaster marinerAdelaide ELDRIDGE1856 Sandy Cove
140444Mellissa J. ELDRIDGEF03 Dec 1871Sandy CoveFountain ELDRIDGEFarmerSarah A. GILLALAND1857 Rossway
140445William A. MOREHOUSEM06 Mar 1871Sandy CoveHenry MOREHOUSEMaster marinerAzubah SNOW1866 Digby
140446Asa G. MOREHOUSEM29 Sep 1871Sandy CoveCharles E. MOREHOUSEMaster marinerMary R. GATES1868 Weymouth
140447Robert B. McKAYM13 Dec 1871Sandy CoveEdward McKAYMaster marinerAnn SAUNDERS1856 Sandy Cove
14320Clara Patten MORRILLF25 Nov 1871WestportJoseph MORRILLFishermanSeretha BROWN1871 Westport
14321Herbert Ezra BAILEYM11 Dec 1871WestportEzra R. BAILEYFishermanElizabeth PUGH1861 Westport
14422John Vernon WELCHM07 Jan 1872WestportJohn O. WELCHFishermanMary DENTON1870 Saint John, NB
14423Florence L. HARRISF25 Nov 1871Sandy CoveSandel HARRISFarmerMary A. RAYMOND1867 Sandy Cove
14424Martia M. HERSYF04 Feb 1872Little RiverJohn Russel HERSYFishermanEliza E. COSSABOOM1862 Rossway
14425Leonard W. DAKINM28 Feb 1872Sandy CoveWalace DAKINMarinerSophia ELDRIDGE1862 Sandy Cove
14426Burneau TIDDF19 Feb 1872Little RiverAnsley TIDDFishermanMary MOREHOUSE1867 Little River
14427Edward TIDDM13 Jan 1872Little RiverDavid A. TIDDFishermanSarah A. STANTON1855 Petite Passage
14428John B. MOREHOUSEM20 Mar 1872Sandy CoveReuben MOREHOUSESea captainMary A. LEARY1868 Sandy Cove
14682____ TIMPANYM31 Jan 1872Digby NeckJohn H. TIMPANYFarmerMary A. HANTLEYNot given
14787____ DAKINF12 Nov 1871DigbyOscar R. DAKINMarinerCatherine C. DALYNot given
14789____ COWANF17 Jan 1872RosswayJohn COWANBlacksmithNot namedNot given
148116Chesley SCOTTM09 Jan 1872(Petite Passage)David SCOTTSeamanJuly Ann TARIODec 1860 Digby Neck
148117Alecia Wallis RUGGLESF05 Feb 1872(Petite Passage)Henry M. RUGGLESLightkeeperLaleah GRANTDec 1861 Weymouth
148118Waita OUTHOUSEF11 Feb 1872(Petite Passage)John OUTHOUSESeamanCaroline HARRISDec 1856 Sandy Cove
148119Emily OUTHOUSEF17 Mar 1872(Petite Passage)Joseph OUTHOUSESeamanAdeline TEEDDec 1859 Petite Passage
148120____ STARKF06 May 1872Broad CoveBenjamin C. STARKFarmerMary E. HANDSPIKERNot given
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Extracted from LDS film # 1298667 by Theresa Mangnall

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