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Digby Births Page 19

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
129216____ POSTF16 May 1871Broad CoveDavid POSTFarmerElizabeth BAINNot given
129217____ BAINM21 May 1871Broad CoveJohn BAINFarmerMary E.Not given
129226Kate WELCHF19 Jan 1871WestportWallace WELCHFishermanAnnie ROONEY1852 Long Island
129227Lucna Maud WELCHF03 Apr 1871WestportGeorge E. WELCHFishermanElvira CORNWELL1870 Westport
129228Edith Leslie PETERSF15 May 1871WestportJohn PETERS Jr.FishermanOrinda POTTER1847 Westport
131263Mary Emma McDERMONDF21 Nov 1871WestportMaurice McDERMONDFishermanPhoebe McDERMOND1869 Westport
131264Lucy May THOMPSONF20 Aug 1871WestportCharles H. THOMPSONFishermanEliza A. HARRIS1870 Yarmouth
131265Amos Howard OSINGERM05 Jul 1871Petite PassageChesley OSINGERYeomanClaracy SHANDDec 1857 Long Island
131266Herbert POWELLM13 Sep 1871Long IslandWilliam H. POWELLYeomanMary POWELLApr 1865 Long Island
131267Amanda OUTHOUSEF10 Jul 1871Petite PassageNot namedSusan OUTHOUSENot married
133313Lizzie M. MOLONSONF18 May 1871Little RiverGeorge MOLONSONShip carpenterEllen WILSON1858 Digby
133314Mary A. BURNSF31 Aug 1871Sandy CoveWilliam BURNSMasonPolina SAUNDERS1857 Sandy Cove
133315Flora B. DENTONF04 Sep 1871Little RiverJoseph W. DENTONFarmerMary A. MERRITT1854 Sandy Cove
134316Cynthia H. CROWELLF13 Aug 1871Sandy CoveWilliam H. CROWELLFarmerAmelia SAUNDERS1866 Sandy Cove
134317Ember B. MOREHOUSEM18 Jul 1871WaterfordDaniel MOREHOUSECarpenterSophia DAKIN1856 Centreville
134318Bessie F. TRASKF08 Jan 1871Little RiverElkanah TRASKBlacksmithEliza DENTON1845 Little River
134319____ TRASKM20 Sep 1871DigbyCharles TRASKFarmerDeborah FANNINGNot given
134328Samuel Edgar SMALLM10 Oct 1871Petite PassageFreeman SMALLSeamanElizabeth WILSONDec 1870 Digby
134329Simon Haines OUTHOUSEM13 Oct 1871Petite PassageAllen OUTHOUSESeamanCatherine STEVENSMar 1868 Freeport
134330Welthy BLACKFORDF03 Oct 1871Petite PassageSimon BLACKFORDFishermanDeborah TRUNDYDec 1853 Rockland, Main
134331Cecelia Agnes OUTHOUSEF01 Dec 1871Petite PassageCharles OUTHOUSESeamanHonora TARIOJul 1868 Petite Passage
134332Ruth POWELLF01 Dec 1871Long IslandWatson POWELLSeamanMary Etta OUTHOUSEJun 1869 Long Island
138421Oliver Judson WELCHM16 Aug 1871WestportGeorge WELCHFishermanRhoda A. FOSTER1866 Bridgetown
139422Helen Maud McDERMONDF02 Jul 1871WestportCharles McDERMONDFishermanRose P. McDERMOND1870 Westport
139423Emeline RINGF16 Jan 1871FreeportEthel RINGFishermanZilpha SAXTON1856 St. Mary's Bay
139424Agnes THURBERF24 Apr 1871FreeportAmos THURBERFishermanElizabeth SOLLOWS1869 Yarmouth
139425Agnes Pulman ELLIOTTF25 Apr 1871FreeportEdward ELLIOTTFishermanSarah A. McKENZIE1870 Freeport
139426Annette Stevens PERRYF24 Sep 1871FreeportEdward PERRYFishermanAnnette STEVENS1869 Freeport
139427Byron THURBERM02 May 1871FreeportByron THURBERFishermanAnnette DANIELS1870 Freeport
139428Lizzie PRIMEF14 Feb 1871FreeportGeorge PRIMEFishermanJane McKENZIE1870 Freeport
139429Annie Laura McKENZIEF12 Mar 1871FreeportHarvey McKENZIESeamanLucy McKENZIE1869 Freeport
139430Wm. Henry HUGHESM18 May 1871FreeportJohn H. HUGHESClergymanAnnie E. TURNER1864 New Brunswick
139431Catherine DANIELSF09 Jun 1871FreeportJohn W. DANIELSSeamanAnnie S. HAINES1869 Freeport
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