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Digby Births Page 18

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
12041William M. MOREHOUSEM09 Jan 1871CentrevilleCharles H. MOREHOUSEFarmerRachel A. COSSABOOM1869 Sandy Cove
12042Eliza Alma DAKINF02 Feb 1871CentrevilleSolomon M. DAKINCarpenterAlmira COSSABOOM1860 Centreville
12264Elmira Elizabeth WELCHF11 Nov 1870WestportAlbert H. WELCHFishermanAlice FROST1869 Little River
12265Loise Blanche BAYLEYF29 Nov 1870WestportGeorge BAYLEYMaster marinerBlanche COLLINS1869 Westport
12266Flora Mary ISRAELF15 Nov 1870FreeportJoseph ISRAELFarmerSusan RISTEEN1866 Freeport
12267James Milledge GOWERM29 Dec 1870WestportJames GOWERFishermanHenrietta WELCH1868 Westport
12268Flora Dickson HAINESF21 Feb 1871FreeportIsrael HAINESFishermanAdelia DICKSON1870 Freeport
12269Charles Edwin THOMPSONM16 Feb 1871WestportJohn A. THOMPSONFishermanRebecca A. ELLIS1869 Westport
12270Frederick John HERSEYM03 Mar 1871FreeportHarvey HERSEYFishermanSusan MULLIN1860 Freeport
12271Harriet Tibbert PETERSF21 Jan 1871WestportMaurice PETERS Jr.FishermanAlmira CANN1860 Yarmouth
12272Mary Edmund WELCHF01 Nov 1870WestportEdward J. WELCHMarinerMary A. SUTHERN1869 Westport
12273Carrie Freeman PAYSONF27 Jan 1871WestportEdward A. PAYSONCarpenterSarah MINARD1870 Milton, Queens Co.
12386Maggie Penny OSINGERF10 Feb 1871Petite PassageThomas OSSINGERJoinerElizabeth McKAYApr 1866 Petite Passage
12387Manley MOSLEYM01 Mar 1871Petite PassageGeorge MOSLEYMarinerElizabeth STIRKDec 1854 Petite Passage
12388Rupert OUTHOUSEM02 Feb 1871Petite PassageHeber OUTHOUSEFishermanMary TERRIOAug 1865 Petite Passage
12389Annie Bell OUTHOUSEF12 Mar 1871Petite PassageEdward Fredk. OUTHOUSEMarinerMary SMITHDec 1871 Petite Passage
12390C. Jane STIRKF19 Mar 1871Petite PassageNot namedCaroline STIRKNot married
12391Joseph POWELLM21 Feb 1871Long IslandJoseph POWELLYeomanCornelia CROCKERApr 1856 Long Island
124117Mahaly COSSABOOMF08 May 1871North RangeCornelius COSSABOOMAseneth (VANEMBURGH)1 Jan 1862 Sandy Cove
124125Adel McCORMACKF03 Apr 1871Petite PassageEdward McCORMACKSeamanRachel M. ELLIOTTDec 1860 Long Island
124126Martha Eliz. PARRYF04 Apr 1871Petite PassageNorman PARRYFishermanMary E. OUTHOUSEAug 1869 Petite Passage
125127Amos Randall ROBBINSM12 Apr 1871Petite PassageCharles ROBBINSSeamanHannah OUTHOUSEJan 1864 Petite Passage
128194Frederick Stewart VAN BLARCOMM02 May 1871BrightonHiram VAN BLARCOMEngineerEliz. Ann BLACKFORD2 Oct 1869 Tiverton
128196William H. THERIOM26 Mar 1871Digby NeckJohn THERIOFarmerMargaret WHITE1865 Clare
128197B. (Byron) L. TRASKM28 Mar 1871Little RiverThomas TRASKFarmerChloe WESTCOTT1850 Little River
128198Sarah GRAHAMF06 Apr 1871CentrevilleHolland GRAHAMFarmerCharity PETERS1870 Digby
128199Ira TIDDM06 Apr 1871Little RiverWilliam TIDDFishermanEmely H. PRIME1866 Westport
128200Amos M. SMITHM15 May 1871Little RiverRobert J. SMITHFishermanAdelia DAKIN1862 Sandy Cove
128201Jane PETERSF20 Feb 1871Digby NeckWilliam PETERSFarmerLouise WILLIAMS1857 Port Medway
128202Nora LEARYF01 Jun 1871Sandy CoveCharles LEARYMarinerMary A. MOREHOUSE1869 Sandy Cove
128203Henry H. DAKINM28 Mar 1871CentrevilleJacob W. DAKINFishermanAmelia J. SMALL1865 Sandy Cove
129212George Abner TIMPANYM02 Mar 1871RosswayEdward H. TIMPANYFarmerMargaret Cynthia (TIMPANY)(1866 Digby Neck)
129213____ ROBBINSM30 Mar 1871RosswayJoseph H. ROBBINSFarmerHannah J. TIMPANYNot given
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