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Digby Births Page 17

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
112320William Chesly SHAWM06 Nov 1870Long IslandCharles SHAWMarinerEmeline OUTHOUSEApr 1862 Long Island
113337Ralph A. ISRAELM02 Dec 1870Beliveau CoveGeorge C. ISRAELMerchantAngeline TEED1868 Long Island
113339Herbert DAVISM12 Apr 1870WestportJacob G. DAVISFishermanCelia M. PACK1865 Westport
113340Philena Finette MORRILLF09 Sep 1870WestportWellington C. MORRILLMaster marinerFrances A. (McDORMAND)1861 Westport
113341Martha Annie HAYCOCKF02 Aug 1870WestportWilliam J. HAYCOCKFishermanMargaret PUGH1865 Westport
113342Melville Morse GLAVINM01 Sep 1870WestportJames C. GLAVINFishermanHannah L. MORSE1869 Sandy Cove
113343Ida Blanche THURBERF18 Jul 1870FreeportBenjamin THURBERFishermanNancy BROOKS1861 Freeport
113344James Edward EATONM19 Oct 1870FreeportJames H. EATONTeacherJanthe RING1869 Freeport
113345Mary Ella THURBERF15 Nov 1870FreeportAmbrose THURBERFishermanArabella POWELL1863 Freeport
113346Edith Munro HAINESF22 Nov 1870FreeportEdward S. HAINESFarmerElizabeth HAINES1868 Freeport
114368John Hanly TIMPANYM10 Oct 1870Digby NeckJohn H. TIMPANYFarmerMary A. HANLYNot given
114369____ DAKINF29 Oct 1870DigbyBotsford DAKINFarmerMary Ann DAKINNot given
114372____ ROSSM04 Sep 1870Digby NeckDonald ROSSFarmerSarah THOMASNot given
115381Jane DULYF17 Nov 1870BloomfieldCharles DULYFarmerMary DULY7 Jul 1850 Digby Neck
115386Elkany C. HAITM04 Nov 1870St. Mary's BayJohn HAITCarpenterLucy J. WALKER1861 Sandy Cove
116409Charles B. THOMASM17 Nov 1870Sandy CoveCharles P. THOMASMaster marinerIsabel BISHOP1854 Sandy Cove
116410Olive C. BUNKERF02 Dec 1870Little RiverPorterfield BUNKERFishermanCatharine FIELD1859 Little River
116411Reuben ALBRIGHTM10 Aug 1870Sandy CoveGeorge ALBRIGHTFishermanCatharine KITRIDGE1845 Sandy Cove
116412Emma HERSYF19 Nov 1870Sandy CoveGeorge HERSYMarinerMelvina SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
116413Marshall C. FROSTM21 Jul 1870Little RiverP.(Peter) W. FROSTMerchantLucind(a) V. DENTON1 Jan 1855 Little River
116414William B. FARROWM16 Aug 1870Sandy CoveJohn FARROWMarinerMary (Sarah) COSSABOOM1865 Sandy Cove
116415Jerusha A. FROSTF23 Aug 1870Little RiverBenjamin (FW) FROSTFishermanJanet MOREHOUSE1860 Sandy Cove
116416Mary A. JOHNSONF17 Sep 1870Sandy CoveCollins JOHNSONHouse joinerCaroline (RICE)1857 Westport
116417Claridge G. MOREHOUSEM26 Sep 1870Sandy CoveGeo. A. MOREHOUSEFarmerM. (Mahala) COSSABOOM1863 Sandy Cove
116418Lizzie M. DENTONF10 Nov 1870WaterfordWallace C. DENTONTeacherMary A. BELL1869 St. Mary's Bay
116419Margaret H. CARTYF19 Nov 1870Little RiverWellington CARTYCarpenterHannah (WARD)1864 Sandy Cove
116420Wallace E. NICHOLASM27 Nov 1870Digby NeckCharles NICHOLASFarmerHenrietta GRAFTON1862 St. Mary's Bay
117421Enoch D. MOREHOUSEM02 Nov 1870Sandy CoveCharles E. MOREHOUSEFarmerRachel ROSS1870 Rossway
117422Sophia A. DOUCETTEF08 Oct 1870East FerryBenjamin DOUCETTEShip carpenterPhoebe A. HARRIS1848 Sandy Cove
117423Mary E. MOREHOUSEF25 Dec 1870Sandy CoveJacob E. MOREHOUSEFarmerElizabeth SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
12038Byron W. McNEILLM02 Dec 1870Digby NeckJohn C. McNEILLFarmerSarah SMITHFeb 1862 St. Mary's Bay
12039Lesley L. HEIGHTM02 Feb 1871RosswayCharles HEIGHTFarmerLucinda SABEAN1862 Weymouth
12040Nancy E. SAUNDERSF04 Jan 1870Gulliver's CoveStephen SAUNDERSFarmer____ LEWISNot married
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