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Digby Births Page 14

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
87371Estella MOOREF07 Jul 1869FreeportAsaph MOOREFishermanMary Jane MULLEN1858 Weymouth
87372Albert P. LEWISM22 Jul 1869FreeportWaitstill LEWISMarinerCaroline HAINES1863 Freeport
87373Edward B. TIBERTM08 Aug 1869FreeportIsaiah TIBERTFarmerFrances A. DENTON1868 Little River
87374Albert HERSEYM09 Aug 1869FreeportHarvey HERSEYSeamanSusan MULLIN1860 Freeport
87375Jesse Goodwin LENTM03 Aug 1869FreeportJames D. LENTSeamanMelissa THURBER1859 Digby
88376Flecher D. WISHAMM06 Jul 1869Digby NeckGeorge D. WISHAMFarmerEliza WARD1868 New Jersey
88377Lizzie I. CROWELLF08 Aug 1869Digby NeckGeorge CROWELLFarmerCynthia YOUNG1868 Sandy Cove
88378Arthur W. MARSHALLM26 Nov 1862Digby NeckHoward MARSHALLFarmerAlbenia MARSHALL1843 Smith's Cove
88379George E. MARSHALLM06 Dec 1865Digby NeckHoward MARSHALLFarmerAlbenia MARSHALL1843 Smith's Cove
88380Wm. A.B. MARSHALLM01 Jul 1869Digby NeckHoward MARSHALLFarmerAlbenia MARSHALL1843 Smith's Cove
88381James H.E. COSSABOOMM03 May 1869Digby NeckJames COSSABOOMFishermanOlive SMITH1867 Digby Neck
88382Henry D. HARRISM20 Jul 1869Sandy CoveSanelle HARRISFarmerMary A. (RAYMOND)1868 Sandy Cove
88383George W. ELDRIDGEM02 Sep 1869Sandy CoveFountain ELDRIDGEFarmerSarah A. GILLALAND1857 Digby Neck
88384Henry E. GRIFFITHM27 Aug 1869Sandy CoveDaniel GRIFFITHMarinerAdeline SAUNDERS1865 Sandy Cove
88386Alexander POWELLF15 Aug 1869Long IslandWilliam A. POWELLYeomanLusenda SMITH1854 Long Island
88387Cawara C. CANNF13 Sep 1869Long IslandJacob CANNYeomanHannah CORNWELL1864 Digby Neck
88388Myra VAN BLARCOMF30 Aug 1869Petite PassageJohn VAN BLARCOMShoemakerMary HEATHMar 1853 New Hampshire
89407____ TRASKF21 Dec 1869DigbyCharles TRASKFarmerDeborah C. FANNINGNot given
89409Addy Stanier SMITHF18 Oct 1869Long IslandRobert James SMITHMarinerAdelia DAKINApr 1862 Sandy Cove
89410Amis B. ROBBINSF30 Sep 1869Petite PassageCharles ROBBINSMarinerHannah OUTHOUSEJan 1863 Petite Passage
89411Joseph Alfred OUTHOUSEM15 Nov 1869Petite PassageJoseph OUTHOUSEMarinerAdeline OUTHOUSEDec 1862 Long Island
89412Edmond Lions VAN BLARCOMM24 Dec 1869Petite PassageHiram VAN BLARCOMMerchantElizabeth BLACKFORDDec 1868 Petite Passage
89413Frederick OUTHOUSEM01 Jun 1869Petite PassageJohn OUTHOUSEMarinerCaroline HARRISDec 1857 Digby Neck
89414Ada E. COSSABOOMF20 Sep 1869Sandy CoveRobert COSSABOOMFarmerSarah MARTIN1843 Digby Neck
89415Synthia M. MOREHOUSEF16 Aug 1869Sandy CoveCharles H. MOREHOUSEFarmerRachell COSSABOOM1869 Sandy Cove
89416Wayland G. HERSEYM10 Oct 1869Little RiverRussell HERSEYFishermanEllen COSSABOOM1852 Digby Neck
89417Mary Lois TEEDF03 Oct 1869Little RiverAnsley TEEDFarmerMary MOREHOUSE1866 Digby Neck
90418John A. HARVEYM28 Oct 1869Sandy CoveBernard HARVEYSchool teacherR. (Ursula DENTON)1866 Digby Neck
90419Henry S. CROWELLM08 Nov 1869Sandy CoveWilliam H. CROWELLFarmerAmelia (SAUNDERS)1866 Sandy Cove
90420Ellen Gertrude MORTONF17 Nov 1869CentervilleDaniel MORTONShip ownerAdelaid MORTON1867 Digby
90421Johnson S. MOREHOUSEM21 Dec 1869Sandy CoveCharles E. MOREHOUSEMarinerMary GATES1868 Weymouth
90422Henrietta COGGINSF15 Jul 1869WestportAndrew COGGINSFishermanSarah HICKS1853 Westport
90423Howard F. CROCKERM29 Aug 1869FreeportGeorge C. CROCKERMaster marinerEliza A. PERRY1854 Freeport
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