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Digby Births Page 13

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
78180Laura L. SAUNDERSF02 Feb 1869Sandy CoveHolmes SAUNDERSMarinerFrancis C. GIDNEY1855 Sandy Cove
78181James V. FIELDM28 May 1868Little RiverW.B. FIELDFishermanEmily H. PRIME1866 Long Island
79204Charles L. ISRAELM29 Feb 1869Belliveau's CoveGeorge C. ISRAELMerchantAngeline TEED1868 Long Island
80225John ARMSTRONGM04 May 1869BloomfieldFrank ARMSTRONGFarmerMary COSSABOOM4 Jun 1860 Digby Neck
81230Sarah C. MOREHOUSEF02 Apr 1869Digby NeckCharles E. MOREHOUSEFarmerSarah A. DAKIN1861 Digby Neck
81231Minnie U. DAKINF12 May 1869Sandy CoveNelson DAKINMarinerIrene CARTY1867 Sandy Cove
81232Bessie E. SAUNDERSF17 May 1869Sandy CoveCharles T. SAUNDERSMarinerEveline J. MORSE1866 Sandy Cove
81233Frederick BURKE (BUNKER)M05 May 1869Little RiverPorterfield BURKE (BUNKER)MarinerCatherine TEED1860 Little River
81234Oscar F. MOREHOUSEM06 Apr 1869Sandy CoveJoseph H. MOREHOUSEMaster marinerAzubah SNOW1867 Digby
81235John G. SAUNDERSMJun 1869Digby NeckNot namednot namednot married
81236Charles E. TITUSM06 Dec 1868Digby NeckJoseph TITUSMarinerHetty DARCY1863 Digby Neck
81237Ingram Morton DAKINM31 Mar 1869Digby NeckMartin DAKINMarinerTheresa TITUS1862 Digby Neck
81238Charles E. NICHOLASM29 Mar 1869Digby NeckCharles NICHOLASFarmerJane GRAFTON1864 St. Mary's Bay
81239Wm. H.B. PETERSM16 May 1869Digby NeckDavid PETERSFarmerEmma METCALF1843 Newfoundland
81240Isabella MOREHOUSEF12 Jun 1869Sandy CoveHanford T. MOREHOUSEFarmerSusan I. MANJEA1868 Sandy Cove
81241Mary E. THERIOF24 Jan 1869Sandy CoveJohn THERIOFarmerMargaret WHITE1866 Frenchtown
81242Charles W. MERRITTM06 Jun 1869Sandy CoveJames MERRITTMarinerSarah P. HARRIS1860 Sandy Cove
82257Minnie H. RICEF09 May 1869Bear RiverThomas RICECarpenterFrances L. PATTEN6 Dec 1861 Westport
83284____ PETERSF17 May 1869Gulliver's CoveDavid PETERSFarmerEmma MEDCALF(1843 Newfoundland)
83285____ BURNSM01 Jun 1869Trout CoveJoseph BURNSFarmerFrancis A. GRAHAMNot given
83286____ WATERSF25 Jun 1869DigbyThomas WATERSMaster marinerA. (Amoret) DAKINNot given
83288____ HENNESSEYM05 May 1869Digby NeckJacob HENNESSEYLabourerSusan HENNESSEYNot given
83290____ CROCKERF16 Jun 1869Digby NeckJames CROCKERMarinerElizabeth CROCKERNot given
83292Ernest Gordon WELCHM16 Mar 1869WestportWallace WELCHFishermanAnnie M. ROONEY1852 Westport
84293Leonard MOOREM03 Jan 1869FreeportHenry MOOREFishermanSophronia BROWN1863 Freeport
84294Samuel FOOTEM08 Jan 1869FreeportSamuel FOOTEMaster marinerSusan ELLIS1856 Long Island
84295Carrie Esther ISRAELF24 Mar 1869FreeportJoseph ISRAELFarmerSusan RISTER1866 Freeport
84296Alice ISRAELF27 Apr 1869FreeportLeonard ISRAELFarmerDelilah LENT1867 Freeport
87359____ TIMPANYM22 May 1869RosswayMajor R. TIMPANYFarmerAlmira ROBBINS(1859 Rossway)
87360____ ROBBINSM27 May 1869RosswayJames H. ROBBINSFarmerHannah Sophia TIMPANY(1854 Rossway)
87368Mary Helen BAILEYF07 Jun 1869WestportEzra R. BAILEYFishermanElizabeth PUGH1861 Westport
87369Herbert Lee THURBERM28 Jun 1869WestportWm. H. THURBERMarinerZilpha LENT1854 Freeport
87370Althea May THURBERF04 Jul 1869FreeportMorgan THURBERFishermanElizabeth WARNER1852 Freeport
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