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Digby Births Page 12

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
7020Edith STANTONF24 Sep 1868Petite PassageWilliam STANTONSeamanMelissa OUTHOUSEDec 1863 Petite Passage
7021William Allen POWELLM16 Nov 1868Long IslandWilliam H. POWELLSeamanMary POWELLJun 1863 Long Island
7485Wellington C. BAYLEYM06 Jun 1868WestportRobert BAYLEYMarinerAngeline McDERMIND1867 Westport
7486Emily Eleanora MCDERMANDF20 Aug 1868WestportHolland McDERMANDFishermanMary Ann MORRILL1866 Westport
7487Annie Knowls PETERSF21 Oct 1868WestportJesse PETERSFishermanSarah POTTER1856 Westport
7488Charles Bernard BOWERSM05 Oct 1868WestportGeorge BOWERSFishermanLois MORILL1864 Westport
7489Harold DOTYM29 Sep 1868WestportZachariah DOTYBlacksmithEliza A. HAINES1858 Long Island
7490Frances Newman THURBERF13 Sep 1868FreeportBenjamin THURBERFishermanMaria PRIME1864 Long Island
7491Martha THURBERF07 Oct 1868FreeportAmbrose THURBERFishermanAnabella POWELL1863 Long Island
7492Charles A. HAINESM05 Dec 1868FreeportWilliam W. HAINESFishermanSelina TIBERT1864 Long Island
7493Frank Wm. DENTONM28 Oct 1868FreeportFreeman M. DENTONSchool teacherSelina RICE1867 Smith's Cove
7494Mary Eleanor GATESF04 Jun 1868WestportJoseph A. GATESPreacherMaria MINARD1867 Milton, Queens Co.
7499Colin Campbell LEWISM19 Dec 1868WeymouthGeorge LEWISFarmerCharlotte HUCKINS1856 Long Island
74104Liby B. LEWISF05 Aug 1868Digby NeckMorgan LEWISMechanicSarah J. SABEAN1843 Weymouth
74105Priscilla GILLALANDF07 Sep 1868Digby NeckKingsly GILLALANDFarmerElizabeth GILLALAND1841 Weymouth
75106Benjamin HAIGHTM12 Oct 1868Digby NeckCharles HAIGHTFarmerLucinda SABEAN1862 Weymouth
75107Elijah RAYMONDM02 Jul 1868Petite PassageJohn H. RAYMONDSeamanJemima or M.N. OUTHOUSEOct 1857 Petite Passage
75108Alvia Sofiah POWELLF06 Jul 1868Long IslandNelson POWELLSeamanAnnie ALEXANDERDec 1854 Long Island
75109Alberta McCORMACKF13 Jul 1868Petite PassageEdward McCORMACKSeamanRachel ELLIOTTDec 1859 Long Island
75110Minnie Catherine POWELLF11 Aug 1868Long IslandSamuel POWELLSeamanDorcas MOORDec 1855 Long Island
75111Annie Lavinia TIBERTF09 Dec 1868Long IslandGeorge Nicholas TIBERTYeomanJane CORNWALLDec 1863 Digby Neck
75112Rose Lee ELLIOTTF22 Dec 1868Petite PassageAlfred ELLIOTTSeamanAlice PRIMEAug 1868 Petite Passage
75122Thomas H. ABBOTTM27 Dec 1868Marshall TownAlfred ABBOTTFarmerMary HUTCHISON17 Dec 1850 Digby Neck
78170William Douglas HOWARDM17 Aug 1868WestportWilliam H. HOWARDMarinerCharlotte THOMAS1861 Westport
78171Rosa Lee TITUSF27 Oct 1868WestportEdward TITUSFishermanMaria A. SOLLOWS1865 Westport
78172Charles Allan PRIMEM05 Jan 1869Long IslandGeorge PRIMEFishermanSarah E. STEVENS1860 Long Island
78173Garland MOREHOUSEM08 Jan 1869Sandy CoveGeorge A. MOREHOUSEFarmerMahala COSSABOOM1863 Sandy Cove
78174Amanthy B. COSSABOOMF01 Dec 1868Sandy CoveGeorge D. COSSABOOMFarmerHannah TEBAU1858 Sandy Cove
78175Laliah B. TRASKF06 Jan 1869Little RiverThomas TRASKFarmerChloe WESCOTT1851 Little River
78176Erminie C. GIDNEYF06 Feb 1869Sandy CoveJoseph D. GIDNEYMarinerMargaret GIDNEY1861 Cork, Ireland
78177Lora E. GIDNEYF21 Jan 1869Sandy CoveJohnson GIDNEYMarinerMary ROBACHAU1868 Sandy Cove
78178Emma M. MOREHOUSEF31 Nov 1868Sandy CoveNot namedAnnie LEARYNot married
78179Menira SMITHF05 Mar 1868Sandy CoveRoy SMITHMarinerMary A. TEBEAU1862 Sandy Cove
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Extracted from LDS film # 1298667 by Theresa Mangnall

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