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Digby Births Page 11

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
63334Wesley CURRANM14 May 1868Petite PassageIsaac CURRANMarinerAmelia CURRANJun 1864 Petite Passage
63335Eli S. RAYMONDM02 Jun 1868Petite PassageJohn RAYMONDMarinerJemima (OUTHOUSE)Oct 1858 Petite Passage
64342____ TRASKF08 Aug 1868DigbyThomas TRASKFarmer(Deborah) FANNINGNot given
64343____ LEWIS12 Jul 1868Digby NeckEdward LEWISFarmerCatherine BUCKMAN(1854 Digby Neck)
64346____ VANTASSELM30 Aug 1868Digby NeckThomas VANTASSELFarmer____ SMALLNot given
64353Stella Tileston PAYSONF07 Jul 1867WestportGeorge PAYSONMaster marinerEllen HALLORAN1864 Boston, Mass.
64354Georgiana Jones MORRILLF13 Apr 1868WestportJohn MORRILLMarinerAnn CANN1864 Long Island
64355Ernest Julius PETERSM12 Aug 1868WestportJohn PETERSMarinerOrinda POTTER1847 Westport
64356Charles Edward MORRILLM09 May 1868FreeportGeorge Morton MORRILLFishermanSophia SPRING1862 Long Island
64357Edward MORRANM08 Jul 1868FreeportHugh MORRANFarmerEliza MORRILL1864 Long Island
66399David Ernest MOREHOUSEM28 Mar 1868Sandy CoveWilliam MOREHOUSEFarmerHepziph (SWIFT)1854 Digby Neck
67400Emma M. COSSABOOMF22 Jul 1868Digby NeckEdward COSSABOOMFarmerSarah A. DENTON1858 Digby Neck
67401Merity GILLALANDF24 Apr 1868Digby NeckJacob GILLALANDFarmerEveline DENTON1865 Digby Neck
67402Anjonetta MERRITTF09 Jul 1868Sandy CoveGilbert MERRITTFarmerMonette DENTON1864 Digby
67403Jyette MOREHOUSEF21 Mar 1866Digby NeckWentworth MOREHOUSEFarmerPheme A. COSSABOOM1863 Digby
67404John MOREHOUSEM20 Apr 1868Digby NeckWentworth MOREHOUSEFarmerPheme A. COSSABOOM1863 Digby
67405Samuel HUTCHINSM18 Sep 1867Digby NeckWilliam HUTCHINSFarmerMartha COSSABOOM1861 Sandy Cove
67406Lydia D. PETERSF06 Feb 1868Digby NeckWilliam PETERSFarmerLouisa WILLIAMS1857 Port Medway
67407Bertha L. DAKINF31 Jul 1868Digby NeckJacob DAKINMerchantLucinda SMALL1865 Digby Neck
67408Herbert HOLMESM02 May 1868Digby NeckNevill HOLMESFarmerElizabeth SABEAN1857 Weymouth
67409Cassie B. THOMASF14 Sep 1868Sandy CoveCharles P. THOMASMarinerIsabel BISHOP1854 Sandy Cove
67410Lizzie J. MOREHOUSEF19 Jul 1868Sandy CoveMathew MOREHOUSEMarinerSarah J. SEELY1854 Brighton
67411Maggie M. ELDRIDGEF28 Aug 1868Sandy CoveHarvey ELDRIDGEFarmerMary A. MOREHOUSE1854 Digby Neck
67412Allen A. TITUSM03 May 1868Digby NeckLoce TITUSFarmerMary DARCY1851 Digby Neck
68438Alvery B. HUGHTF28 May 1868St. Mary's BayJohn HUGHTCarpenterJane WALKER12 Dec 1861 Sandy Cove
703Hannah Catherine ROSSF22 Oct 1868Digby NeckGeorge ROSSFarmerMay Jane PETERSNot given
706____ TIMPANYM03 Nov 1868Digby NeckEdward. H. TIMPANYFarmerMargaret C. TIMPANY(1866 Digby Neck)
7014Estella POWELLF23 Jul 1868Long IslandJoseph POWELLSeamanCornelia CROCKERApr 1857 Long Island
7015Edith Augusta BUCKMANF15 Sep 1868Long IslandWilliam BUCKMANSeamanElizabeth NEREYApr 1859 Digby Neck
7016Engrim MOSELYM03 Sep 1868Petite PassageGeorge MOSELYSeamanElizabeth STIRKDec 1854 Petite Passage
7017Catherine BLACKFORDF20 Jul 1868Petite PassageSimon BLACKFORDSeamanDeborah TRUNDYOct 1851 Maine, USA
7018George Edward OUTHOUSEM27 Nov 1868Petite PassageCharles OUTHOUSESeamanHonorene THEREAUJun 1868 Petite Passage
7019Charles Wallace OUTHOUSEM27 Aug 1868Petite PassageWesley OUTHOUSEYeomanLinda HAINESMar 1857 Petite Passage
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