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Digby Births Page 1

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
17Leonette PRIMEF31 Dec 1864New TusketBernard PRIMEFarmerMartha NICHOLS30 Apr 1862 Digby Neck
137Emma J. GLANHAMF27 Aug 1864WestportC.J. GLANHAMPainterHannah SOLLOWS1852 Yarmouth Co.
138Frederick SMITHM27 Oct 1864WestportWilliam SMITHFishermanSarah MORRELLJan 1864 Westport
139Watson H. DENTONM24 Aug 1864WestportWm. DENTONFishermanFrances PAYSON1857 Westport
140Cynthia L. TITUSF16 Sep 1864WestportJohn R. TITUSFishermanLucy CANN1864 Westport
141Saint Clair F. PAYSONM04 Oct 1864WestportJoseph D. PAYSONSeamanCaroline COGGINS1864 Westport
142Wm. Herbert GLAVINM11 Dec 1864WestportHenry GLAVINCooperLucy DAVIS1863 Westport
243Hattie Isabel DENTONF07 Sep 1864WestportGeorge W. DENTONFishermanJane BUCKMAN1854 Westport
244George Elmer ROBBINSM15 Oct 1864WestportGeorge A.(Atwell) ROBBINSMarinerMary E.(Ellenor) OUTHOUSE7 Jan 1864 Petite Passage
245Antoinet OUTHOUSEF18 Dec 1864Petite PassageAmos OUTHOUSEMarinerS.(Sephronia) OUTHOUSE13 Jun 1858 Petite Passage
246Cesley Herman VAN BLARCOMM15 Nov 1864Petite PassageJohn VAN BLARCOMShoemakerMary E. HEATH31 Mar 1852 Petite Passage
247Ada OUTHOUSEF24 Oct 1864Petite PassageWhitfield OUTHOUSESeamanAnn Maria McKAY29 Dec 1853 Petite Passage
248Lurancy PYNEF20 Aug 1864Petite PassageCharles PYNESeamanRachel POWELL4 Jan 1849 Long Island
249James J. ADAMSM20 Aug 1864Petite PassageCharles ADAMSSeamanGemima ELLIOTT5 Oct 1863 Eastport
278Charlotte A. SOMERF21 Aug 1864Digby NeckMatum SOMERFarmerMargaret BUELER20 Aug 1860 Clare
279Elsworth WESTCOTTM05 Sep 1864Digby NeckHiram WESTCOTTFarmerSarah DENTON1854 Digby Neck
280Arthur E. ROBBINSM28 Oct 1864Digby NeckJacob C. ROBBINSFarmerC. (Clarissa) TIMPANY1857 Digby Neck
281Charles H. WESTCOTTM03 Nov 1864Digby NeckHanley WESTCOTTCarpenterSarah CORNWALL1860 Digby Neck
282Rachel PETERSF06 Nov 1864Digby NeckDavid PETERSMarinerEmma MIDCALFOct 1843 N.F.L.
283Hannah LORDF03 Dec 1864Digby NeckHosea LORDMarinerC. (Cynthia) HERSEY1860 Digby
284LaFayette MOREHOUSEM07 Dec 1864Digby NeckGeo. MOREHOUSEFarmerM. (Mahala) COSSABOOM1864 Digby
3103Mary RITCHIEF15 Sep 1864BloomfieldJohn RITCHIEFarmerMary SMALLDigby Neck
3105John SIGLARM19 Oct 1864St. Mary's BayAlbert SIGLARFarmerMary A. FLEITDigby Neck
418Eva Augusta COGGINSF27 Nov 1864WestportHandley COGGINSElizabeth POTTER1864 Westport
419Claude DAVIDSONM18 Jan 1865WestportWm. S.J. DAVIDSONCharlotte WILSON1857 Smith's Cove
420Grace Edith PETERSF26 May 1865WestportJames Alfred PETERSMarinerAdelaide CANN1854 Yarmouth
582Elsey E. GILLALANDF08 Nov 1864Digby NeckJacob K. GILLALANDFarmerElizabeth6 Jul 1841 Broad Cove
583Vernon DAKINM02 Feb 1865DigbyRandolph DAKINPainter(Rosa Ann CORD)27 Jul 1865 Digby
584Robert C. TIMPANYM24 Jan 1865Digby NeckM. (Major) R. TIMPANYFarmer(Almira RIBBINS)20 Jul 1859 Rossway
685William W. SAUNDERSM24 Apr 1865Sandy CoveLorenzo SAUNDERSMarinerCatherine GIDNEY1860 Sandy Cove
686Wentworth TRASKM25 Jun 1865Little RiverElkanah TRASKFarmerEliza DENTON1847 Little River
687George A. MITCHELLM24 Aug 1865Sandy CoveArthur MITCHELLMariner(Mary E. ELDRIDGE)1859 Sandy Cove
688E. SMITHF26 Apr 1865Sandy CoveRoss SMITHMarinerMary Ann TIBETT1842 Sandy Cove
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