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Digby Births Page 7

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
32110Lions OUTHOUSEM18 Mar 1867Petite PassageWhitfield OUTHOUSEMaster marinerAnna Maria (McKAY)1853 Petite Passage
32111Edith OUTHOUSEF23 Jan 1867Petite PassageJohn OUTHOUSEMaster marinerCaroline (HARRIS)1855 Sandy Cove
32112Howard BUCKMANM15 Oct 1866Long IslandGeorge BUCKMANMarinerAnn (WALKER)1856 Long Island
34156William Walter HEARSEYM28 Nov 1866Long IslandHarvey HEARSEYMarinerSusan (MULLEN)1860 Long Island
34157Minnie D. LENTF27 Dec 1866Long IslandShippy LENTMarinerEuphemia (MOORE)1859 Long Island
34158Catherine S. HAVEYF12 Mar 1867WestportBernard HARVEYTeacherMary Ursula (DENTON)1866 Little River
34159Anna S. WELCHF06 Feb 1867WestportGilbert WELCHMarinerMargaret WELCH1844 Westport
35180Nelson POWELLM25 May 1867Long IslandNelson POWELLMarinerAnn (ALEXANDER)Dec 1854 Long Island
35181Emeline TIBERTF20 Mar 1867Long IslandGeorge TIBERTYeomanElizabeth STONEDec 1862 Digby Neck
35182Byron Cates DELANEYM21 Mar 1867Long IslandPatrick DELANEYYeomanSophia DELANEYDec 1858 Long Island
35183Arthur OUTHOUSEM10 Apr 1867Petite PassageAmos OUTHOUSEMaster marinerSephronia OUTHOUSEJun 1858 Petite Passage
35184Benjamin FARNSWORTHM25 Jun 1867Petite PassageElija FARNSWORTHCooperMary (JORDAN)Nov 1856 Eastport, Maine
36199Frank O. RICEM09 Nov 1866HillsburghThomas RICECarpenterFany (Frances) POTTER6 Dec 1860 Westport
36203Wiswell Peleg SMITHM08 Jun 1867South CoveIsaac E.W. SMITHFarmerAnn ODELL16 Mar 1867 Smith's Cove
36205Clara Ellen PRIMEF07 Apr 1867Long IslandLemuel PRIMEFishermanMary E. PRIME1866 Long Island
36206Susan Eleanor RICEF08 Mar 1867WestportHandley RICEFishermanEliza Jane (BAILEY)1848 Westport
36207Elizabeth Gordon CAMPBELLF02 Mar 1867Long IslandFreeman CAMPBELLMarinerSarah CAMPBELL1860 Weymouth
36208Howard William TEEDM11 Mar 1867FreeportSamuel TEEDMarinerSarah Emily TEED1821 Digby Neck
36209Jessie Gertrude MORTONF08 Mar 1867FreeportWilliam E. MORTONTeacherEliza MORTON1857 Sandy Cobe
36210Roland Watson RUGGLESM26 Nov 1866WestportFrederick W. RUGGLESMerchantSarah A. RUGGLES1849 Yarmouth
37226____ HUTCHINSONF10 Feb 1867Digby NeckJames HUTCHINSONFarmerMargaret ABBOTT(1865 St. Mary's Bay)
37227____ ARMSTONGM01 Apr 1867Digby NeckAnsley ARMSTRONGFarmerMargaret Ann WILSONNot given
37228____ HENDERSONM08 Apr 1867Digby NeckJohn HENDERSONFarmerMary Jane DUNNNot given
38240S. MOREHOUSEF02 Apr 1867Trout CoveLemuel D. MOREHOUSEFishermanMercy (DAKIN)1865 Trout Cove
38241Filemia S. TIDDF22 Apr 1867Little RiverDavid A. TIDDFarmerSarah A. (STANTON)1855 Little River
38242Lainetta M. CORNWELLF19 May 1867Digby NeckJohn B. CORNWELLFarmerHarriett CORNWELL1865 Sea Wall
38243Ida M. DARCEYF17 Jun 1867Digby NeckJohn DARCEYSeamanDorinda WINCHESTER1850 Hillsburgh
38244Hannah JOHNSONF11 Mar 1867Digby NeckEdmund JOHNSONFarmerElizabeth JOHNSON1849 Rockport, USA
38245Laura MORTONF19 Jun 1867Digby NeckDaniel D. MORTONFarmerAdelaide MORTON1866 Rose Cottage
38246Burton DAKINM03 May 1867Digby NeckMorton DAKINFishermanTherida (TITUS)1862 Sandy Cove
38247D. MOREHOUSEF06 Jun 1867Digby NeckCharles E. MOREHOUSEFarmerSarah A. (DAKIN)1861 Digby
38248Barnard P. MOREHOUSEM09 Mar 1867Digby NeckGeorge MOREHOUSEFarmerMahala (COSSABOOM)1863 Sandy Cove
38249Adelaide MOREHOUSEF04 Jun 1867Digby NeckJacob E. MOREHOUSEFarmerElizabeth (SAUNDERS)1861 Sandy Cove
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