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Digby Births Page 6

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
274Isaiah J. HAIGHTM27 Sep 1866Digby NeckCharles HAIGHTFarmerLucinda (SABEAN)1863 Weymouth
275Rachel J. DAKINF20 Sep 1866Digby NeckSolomon DAKINCarpenterAlmira (COSSABOOM)1860 Digby Neck
276Annie G. SAUNDERSF02 Oct 1866Digby NeckHolmes SAUNDERSMarinerFrances (GIDNEY)1854 Sandy Cove
277George R. CARTYM04 Oct 1866Sandy CoveWellington CARTYMechanicHannah (WARD)1864 Sandy Cove
278Priscilla A. FIDELF04 Oct 1866Little RiverWilliam FIDELFishermanEmily H. FIDEL1866 Westport
279Bertha Eugenia MOREHOUSEF04 Dec 1866Digby NeckNicholas MOREHOUSEFarmerEmily J. MOREHOUSE1854 St. Mary's Bay
2710William Wallace GUTHRIEM29 Jul 1866Grandmanan NBNorton GUTHRIEFarmerChloe (FIELD)1865 Little River
2822William Alexander PUGHM13 Oct 1866WestportThomas PUGHMarinerMary A. PUGH1865 Westport
2823Alva Sophia GLAVINF27 Aug 1866WestportHenry D. GLAVINFishermanLucy A. (DAVIS)1863 Westport
2824Ella May MILBERRYF30 Nov 1866WestportJames S. MILBERRYMarinerMelissa MILBERRY1863 Westport
2825Elnora COGGINSF27 Aug 1866WestportWallace COGGINSMarinerMary J. COGGINS1858 Westport
2826Mary Elizabeth HAYCOCKF13 Nov 1866WestportWilliam J. HAYCOCKMarinerMargaret (PUGH)1865 Westport
2838____ TITUSF22 Nov 1866Digby NeckTimothy TITUSFarmerNot namedNot given
2839____ YEWENSM06 Oct 1866Digby NeckRev. H.J. YEWENSRectorCatherine YEWENSNot given
2840____ TIMPANYM14 Nov 1866Digby NeckMajor TIMPANYFarmerAlmira (ROBBINS)(1859 Rossway)
3065Joseph LAMRONM21 Nov 1866St. Mary's BayJoseph LAMRONSeamanLydia GILLALAND30 Jan 1865 Digby Neck
3190____BURNESF16 Jan 1867Digby NeckJames BURNESFarmerFrances AnnNot given
3191____ NICHOLSF10 Oct 1866Digby JogginJohn NICHOLSFarmerMargaretNot given
3192____ DAILEYM20 Jan 1867DigbyJohn DAILEYMerchantEliza(Digby Neck)
3194____ WINCHESTERM28 Feb 1867Digby NeckC. WINCHESTERMaster marinerNot namedNot given
3197Charles F. BURNSM14 Nov 1866Sandy CoveWilliam BURNESMasonPolina (SAUNDERS)1857 Sandy Cove
3198George T. GILLALANDM23 Dec 1866RosswayStephen GILLALANDFarmerHenrietta (ARMSTRONG)1865 Rossway
3199Reuben N. CROWELLM03 Nov 1866Sandy CoveReuben CROWELLMaster marinerEliza (STONE)1863 New York
31100Harris W. JOHNSONM13 Nov 1866WaterfordGeorge E. JOHNSONCarpenterLouisa JOHNSON1852 Bear River
31101Everett C. WALKERM30 Nov 1866Digby NeckThomas WALKERFarmerJulia WALKER1842 Digby Neck
31102Flora A. LEWISF30 Aug 1866Digby NeckStephen LEWISFishermanMary LEWIS1860 St. Mary's Bay
31103Isabel C. SAUNDERSF19 Feb 1867Sandy CoveCharles T. SAUNDERSMaster marinerEveline (MORSE)1866 Sandy Cove
31104Allen L. YOUNGM14 Jan 1867Sandy CoveAllan YOUNGShoemakerMary E. YOUNG1832 Sandy Cove
31105Robert HARRISM15 Feb 1867Sandy CoveNot namedMary A. HARRISNot married
32106George J. OUTHOUSEM05 Oct 1866Petite PassageWellington OUTHOUSEMarinerSarah OUTHOUSE1854 Petite Passage
32107Samantha C. OUTHOUSEF19 Oct 1866Petite PassageJoseph OUTHOUSEMarinerAdeline (TEED)1857 Petite Passage
32108Henry Campbell RUGGLESM04 Nov 1866Petite LighthouseHenry M. RUGGLESLightkeeperLeleah B. (GRANT)1861 Weymouth
32109Clara E. VAN BLARCOMF16 Feb 1867Petite PassageJohn VAN BLARCOMShoemakerMary (HEATH)1853 Raymond, Digby
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