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Digby Births Page 2

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Birth Records for Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island 1864 - 1874
689Walter O. DENTONM25 Feb 1865Digby NeckK. (Kelsey) DENTONFarmerMary BROOKS1852 Little River
690Burton M. FROSTM28 Mar 1865Little RiverPeter FROSTMariner(Lucinda) DENTON1855 Digby Neck
691C. FROSTF23 Aug 1865Little RiverBenj. FROSTMarinerJanet MOREHOUSE1855 Little River
692Willie S. HARRISM22 Jun 1865Digby NeckHiram HARRISMarinerMatilda LARYMARE1858 Digby
693John F. HERSEYM27 Apr 1865Little RiverJohn HERSEYMarinerLucy Martha HERSEY1854 Digby Neck
694Albert E. GIDNEYM07 Jun 1865Sandy CoveJohn B. GIDNEYMarinerLouisa HARRIS1865 Digby Neck
6112Frank G. RUGGLESM09 Jul 1865Petite PassageHenry M. RUGGLES(Lightkeeper)L. (Laleah) GRANT1862 Weymouth
6113Jessy Clide RAYMONDF19 Aug 1865Petite PassageJohn H. RAYMOND(Seaman)Gemima OUTHOUSEOct 1858 Petite Passage
6114J. J. SCOTTM30 Jun 1865Petite PassageDavid SCOTTSeamanJ. Ann THERIONov 1859 Clare
6115Clarence Albert FARNSWORTHM11 Jul 1865Petite PassageEzra FARNSWORTHCooperMary JORDAN1856 (Eastport, Maine)
6116Bertha GERMANF20 Sep 1865Petite PassageJohn GERMAN(Shipwright)Susan (OSINGER)19 Jun 1864 Petite Passage
6117John W. McKAYM11 Aug 1865Petite PassageIsaac McKAYSeamanMary WILLIAMSFeb 1851 Digby Neck
6118William H. POWELLM22 Jun 1865Petite PassageNelson POWELLSeamanAnna M. ALEXANDERDec 1855 Westport
6119Charles William POWELLM27 Jan 1865Long IslandBenj. POWELLSeamanL. (Lavinia) SHORTLIEFApr 1864 Long Island
6120Solomon HAMBERM06 Aug 1865Petite PassageWm. HAMBERSeamanM. OUTHOUSEDec 1863 Petite Passage
6121C.W. SMITHF23 Aug 1865Petite PassagePelig SMITHSeamanHannah BLACKFeb 1865 Petite Passage
7132Anabel MOREHOUSEF10 Nov 1864Sandy CoveJoseph MOREHOUSESeamanLangley SAUNDERS1862 Digby
7133Charles ADDINGTONM11 Jan 1865Little RiverReuben ADDINGTONFarmerMary WESTCOTT1841 Digby Neck
7134Charles H. CARTYM06 Sep 1864Sandy CoveWm. CARTYCarpenterRachel DUNN1853 Hillsburgh
7135Celestia J. CROWELLF23 Jan 1865Sandy CoveReub. CROWELLMarinerEliza E. STONE1863 New York
7136Lemuel J. MOREHOUSEM30 Aug 1864Sandy CoveJs. (Jones) MOREHOUSEFarmerFrances MOREHOUSE1853 Digby Neck
7137Sandford CARTYM30 Oct 1864Digby NeckWellington CARTYCarpenterHannah MAIL (WARD)1864 Sandy Cove
7138Eva SWIFTF15 Mar 1865Digby NeckRichard SWIFTFishermanAmelia STENTON1842 Digby Neck
7139Ella May DAKINF12 Sep 1864Digby NeckMorton DAKINFarmerTheride TITUS1863 Centreville
7140Sarah Rowena CORNWALLF27 Dec 1864Digby NeckJohn CORNWALLFarmerHarriet CLARK1863 Digby Neck
7141Sarah J. CORNWALLF22 Nov 1864Digby NeckJac. CORNWALLCarpenterRachel GILLALAND1856 Rossway
7142Ellen Louisa BURNSF01 Dec 1864Sandy CoveWm. BURNSMasonPauline SAUNDERS1852 Digby Neck
7143Antoinett LEWISF24 Dec 1864Digby NeckEdward LEWISFarmerLizz BUCKMAN1854 Digby Neck
7144John Byron DARCYM27 Jan 1865Digby NeckJohn DARCYSeamanR. DARCY1848 Digby
7145Clara Curtis HEARSYF30 May 1865Little RiverGeorge HEARSYSeamanMelvina SAUNDERS1853 Sandy Cove
7146Jessie CORNWALLF17 Feb 1865Digby Neck(Weld) CORNWALLFarmerMargaret GILLALAND1851 Digby Neck
7147George E. MOREHOUSEM08 Jan 1865Digby NeckJacob E. MOREHOUSEFarmerBetsy SAUNDERS1860 Sandy Cove
7148Alva A. MOREHOUSEF06 Nov 1864Digby NeckWm. MOREHOUSEFishermanElsey SWIFT1859 Centreville
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