Vital Statistics from the Amherst Reflector: 1897-1900

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Vital Statistics
from the
Amherst Reflector 1897-1900

From about 1897 to at least 1900, the First Baptist Church in Amherst published a quarterly magazine called The Reflector. This magazine included stories, the occasional sermon, and news from Baptists at home and abroad. It also included lists of marriages and death notices for members of the church.

I have extracted all of the vitals from the issues available in the PANS collection. The unusually high number of deaths listed in 1898 is because issue B listed all the members who had died in the previous year. I would appreciate any information from issues not listed here.



Source Codes:
Av. 1 (#3, July 1897)
Bv. 2 (#1, March 1899)
Cv. 3 (#1, April 1900)


SurnameGiven nameAgeDateYearSource
 Bent John  Jan. 22 1899 B
 Berry (Mrs) Robert 94 July 21 1897 A
 Black Cyrus, 2nd.   1898 B
 Black Daniel
[of Leicester]
 82 April 5 1900 C
 Black Ethel
[d/o Ainsley B.]
 17 June 12 1897 A
 Blenkhorn E.B.   1898 B
 Coates Isobel   1898 B
 Coates (Mrs) Edward  Mar. 3 1899 B
 Cooke Russell 33 June 8 1897 A
 Courtney (Mrs) Ada  Jan. 5 1899 B
 Doncaster (Mrs)  Jan. 20 1899 B
 Forrest Nelson   1898 B
 Forrest (Mrs.) Caroline  March 22 1900 C
 Forrest (Mrs.) J.   1898 B
 Forrest (Mrs.) Nelson   1898 B
 Harding J.G.   1898 B
 Keith Hazen J.   1898 B
 Kent Elizabeth   1898 B
 Laws Gertrude 15 April 10 1900 C
 Layton (Mrs.) Rebecca
[Brief Obit]
  March 24 1900 C
 Logan James A.   1898 B
 Lowther (Mrs.) Esther  March 21 1900 C
 Lythgoe (Mrs.) A.   1898 B
 McClellan Presley   1898 B
 McCully Adelaide   1898 B
 Miles Katie   1898 B
 Mitchell T.I.   1898 B
 Page (Mrs) J.E.   1898 B
 Page (Mrs) Thompson   1898 B
 Patriquin Annie   1898 B
 Patterson James   1898 B
 Patterson (Mrs) James   1898 B
 Porter Mary 24 May 3 1898 A
 Robb F. B.    1897 A
 Seaman (Mrs.) E.  Feb. 10 1899 B
 Sharp (Mrs.) E.   1898 B
 Skimming (Mrs.)   1898 B
 Smith Lena 6 March 15 1900 C
 Taylor Andrew   1898 B
 Taylor Ebenezer 74 April 6 1897 A
 Taylor(Mrs) Rosanna
[children listed]
 82 April 61900 C
 TowerViola  1898 B
 Travis (Mrs.) Ed. S.
[of East Amherst]
  Feb. 171899 B



April 26Charles AtkinsonRiver HebertNeva C. ChittickMaccan
June 2Rev. J. L. Miner Floris Mae Blackadar 
July 7Albert Noonan Dollie Crandall 
July 21Horace LugsdenTorontoAgnes Sleep 
Jan. 10Mariner Robinson Ethel Coates 
Feb. 27J. E. R. Sands Nellie Middleton 


It is presumed that all parties resided at Amherst unless otherwise specified.

This file is hereby given to the public domain. It may be freely redistributed in any form and/or published, provided that credit is given to the original compiler.


Last Modified: May 7, 1999