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Extractions by Lisa D. Petersen, Search Script by Rick Hagen

McAlpine's Publishing Company, Ltd., of Halifax, Nova Scotia, published a city directory for Nova Scotia in 1908. I have extracted more than 7500 names from over 150 towns in Colchester County, and have made them searchable by surname, given names or town. Most of the names in the directory are men, but some women are listed as business owners, employees or widows. Although many given names are abbreviated, I have made searching them possible for those researchers who might be looking for an unusual name. Sometimes relationships are given in the directory, e.g. "McNutt Chas (S son)" and "Archibald Jane, wid Wm C." Some residents from other than Colchester Co. are listed, e.g. Schubenacadie (Hants Co). The directory gives more detail about the residences of those living in the towns of Truro and Londonderry by listing either "h" for home or "bds" for boards, and then the street name or full address. This provides clues as to the relationships between the people living at the same address - the one whose "home" is at the address is most likely the head-of-household, while those who board there are often children, other relatives, or unrelated boarders. There are many abbreviations in this directory - some intuitive, some not - but unfortunately, the directory did not define any of abbreviations used, so none are provided here.

Colchester Co. Towns listed in McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory, 1907-8

Alton, Balfron, Balmoral Mills, Barrachois, Bass River, Beacon Hill, Beaver Brook, Belmont, Bible Hill, Brentwood, Brookfield, Brookside, Brule, Brule Point, Brule Shore, Burnside, Camden, Carr's Brook, Castlereigh, Central New Annan, Central Onslow, Clifton, Cloverdale, Clydesvale, Coldstream, Cove Road, Craine's Mount, Cross Roads, Crowe's Mills, Dartville, Debert Station, Debert Village, Denmark, Earltown, East Earltown, East Folly Mountain, East Folly Village, East Lines Station, East Mines, East Mines Station, East Mountain, East New Annan, East Village, Eastville, Eastville, Economy, Economy Point, Fairview, Five Islands, Folly, Folly Lake, Folly Mountain, Folly River, Folly Station, Folly Village, Forest Glen, Forest Plains, French River, Gay's Lake, Gay's River, Grant, Great Valley, Great Village, Green Oak, Green's Creek, Greenfield, Greenport, Halfway Brook, Hardwood Hill, Harmony, Harmony Road, Highland Village, Hilden, Keble, Kemptown, Lake Road, Landor, Lanesville, Lillyvale, Little Bass River, Little Dykes, Londonderry, Londonderry Station, Lornevale, Lorneville, Lower Economy, Lower Five Islands, Lower Mount Thom, Lower Onslow, Lower Stewiacke, Lower Truro, Lynn, Manganese Mines, Manganese Station, Masstown, Mattatall Lake, Meadowvale, Middle Londonderry, Middleton, Mill Brook, Montrose, Mount Pleasant, Mount Thom, New Annan, New Briton, New Glasgow, New P Road, Newton Mills, North Earltown, North Mountain, North River, Nuttby, Old Barns, Old P Road, Oliver, Onslow, Onslow Mountain, Onslow St, Otter Brook, Pembroke, Pleasant Hills, Portaupique, Portaupique Mountain, Post Mountain, Princeport, River John Road, Riversdale, Riverside, S Middle Stewiacke, S West St Andrews, Salmon River, Sand Point, Sand River, Shubenacadie (Hants Co), South Branch, South Brook, South Earltown, South Vale, Spencer's Point, Springside, Stewiacke, Summit, Tatamagouche, Tatamagouche Bay, Tatamagouche Mountain, Tatamagouche West, The Falls, Truro, Union, Upper Brookfield, Upper Economy, Upper Kemptown, Upper Londonderry, Upper Onslow, Upper Stewiacke, Upper Stewiacke East, Valley, Valley Station, Waldegrave, Waugh's River, West Earltown, West Folly Village, West New Annan, West St Andrews, West Tatamagouche, Wilson's Mount, Wittenburg.
For help in locating these towns, view the Map of Colchester Co. from 1898, or use the Canadian Gazetteer.

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