St. Ambrose Catholic Cemetery

Londonderry, Colchester County, Nova Scotia

By William T. Hill

The numbers are for identification only; they are not lot numbers.

1. LEE, Berchman Cornelius

2. HOSKING, George Jamie

3. TOREY, Ellen Frances wife of James

4. RICHARD, Rapheal

5. RICHARD, F2481 Ipr, L.G., 9 Cdn Arm's Reg't., KIA

6. RICHARD, Raphael D. Wife Mary Ann ______

7. JOHNSON, Lloyd S. Wife, Josephine Richard

8. MacEACHERN, Colin F. , John J.

9. McEACHERN, Robert Arthur, son of James and Alice.

10. HIGGINS, Deirdre Reid, infant

11. MacNEIL, Daniel Frederick

12. TREMBLAY, M.F. Claire

13. QUILTY, John T., Pet. West Nova Scotia Reg't.

14. COOKE, Harold Dill, QUILTY, Jane Marie, wife

Additional info available regarding the above.

Compiled by Genealogy Group, now, FUNDY FAMILY RESEARCHERS, July 1982.

William T. Hill