Reported in the Halifax Daily Sun February 21, 1854

By Rev. A. McSwien:

8 February 1854 - At Antigonish.  Marriage of Capt. Archibald McISAAC,
Morristown to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Patrick POWER, M.P.P.,

12 February 1854 - At Antigonish.  Marriage of Alexander KELL [Kelly] to Miss
Margaret McDONALD, West River

12 February 1854 - Marriage of Roderick CHISHOLM, Brierly Brook to Miss
Catherine GRANT, North Grant

12 February 1854 - at St. Andrews - Marriage of Angus McNEIL, South River to
Miss Catherine McDONALD, Manchester Road

by Rev. W. McLeod:

5 February 1854 - Marriage of John McDOUGALL to Miss Mary McDONALD, both of
Cape George

5 February 1854 at Arisaig - Marriage of Alexander McLEAN to Miss Elizabeth
McNEIL, both of Malignant Cove.

12 February 1854 - Marriage of Donald McEACHERN to Miss Catherine McDONALD,
both of Cape George.

12 February 1854 - Marriage of William McGILVRAY, Back Settlement, Bailey's
Brook to Miss Mary McGILVRAY, Back Settlement, Knoydart

Reported in the Acadian Recorder, Sat., Nov. 4, 1854

1854, murdered at MacNair's Cove,C.B.Charles MacDonald

Oct 10,1854.Died. Donald,28,son of, Angus MacDonald, South Side Antigonish