(Contributed by Lawrence Naugle)

Reported in the Acadian Recorder, Feb. 28, 1852

At Tracadie by Rev. J. Quinan:

Jan 07,1852, Firman Roy married Isabella Gatheault.

Jan 12, 1852,
Peter Boudreault married Marguerite Barreault.
Stephen Crisbeau married Natalie Charpentier.
Fidele Lavandiere married Emilie Baccalou.
Joseph Fougiere married Melanie Lavandiere .
Simon Lavandiere married married Henriette Deslauriers.
Toussaint Lavandiere married Marie Bellefontaine.
George Lavandiere married Anastasie Benoit.

Jan 21,1852. Charles McDonnell married Sarah MacDonald.
Jan 26, 1852 Michael MacNeil married Mary MacDonald.
Vital Broussard married Amelia Vincent.

Jan 27,1852
Leon Deslauriers married Ellen Lawlor.
Constant Maillet married Rachel Cote.
Honorie Bonvie married Elizabeth Courtin.

Feb 03,1852 Fidele Doiron married Angele Davison.
Feb 16, 1852 Devire Doiron married Henrietta Vincent.
Feb 17,1852 William Delahunty married Mary Haly

Reported in the Novascotian June 28, 1852

June 12,1852 at Georgetown,P.E.I., by W. Sanderson, J.P.: Donald Ferguson
married Jessie McPhee, Antigonish.