(Contributed by Lawrence Naugle)

Oct 26, 1818. T. MacDonald married Nancy Cody

Feb 09 1819.at Antigonish Harbour:  Drowned when he fell through the ice:
Thomas Walker, late master of the schooner "Robert" of St.John's NFld.

.Apr 4, 1821.At Antigonish: Donald " the Uncle" MacDonald died.

Mar 25, 1821.At Antigonish by Rev.Thomas Trotter: William Johnston married
Mary Taylor, dau of the late William Taylor.

.June 21, 1822. Mr. James MacDonald, died at 69 years.

Feb 08, 1823. at Antigonish. Angus MacLean. died: left a widow, 06 children.

Sep 18, 1823. by Rev.Robinson:Mr. Samuel B. Wadsworth, from Passamaquoddy/
married Eliza G., dau of Daniel Harrington, Antigonish.

Sep 21, 1823. at Antigonish: Mary Nicolina Henry, died, at age 05.