Lovell's Directory for 1871
Lovell's Directory for 1871

 The names of the Professional and Business men and Other inhabitants in the Cities, Towns and Villages throughout
the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1871.
**Names have been extracted for ANTIGONISH COUNTY only**

Addington Forks, Antigonish, Arisaig, Auld's Cove, Barrio's Beach, Bayfield, Beaver Meadow,
Big Brook, Black River, Briley's Brook (formerly Chisholm), Caledonia Mills, Cape George,
Cape Jack, Cross Roads, Fraser's Grant, Fraser's Mills, Georgeville, Glen, Glen Road, Harbor au Bouche,
Harbor Road, Hollowell Grant, Keppoch, Little River, Little Tracadie, Livingston's Cove, Lochaber,
Lower Settlement (South River), Malignant Brook, Malignant Cove, Manchester Road,
Merland, Moidart, Morristown, Ohio, Point of Cape, Pomquet Chapel, Pomquet Forks, Springfield,
St. Andrew's, St. Joseph, Summerville, Tracadie, Upper Settlement of South River, West River,
West Side of Lochaber

Newspapers and Periodicals Published on January 1, 1871.

Railroad and Steamboat Routes in the Province of Nova Scotia &
Stage Connections.