A good places to check for books is   The Antigonish Heritage Museum  
or Abe Books

The History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia by Rev. D. J. Rankin, 1929

    [Reprint available]  
    [Images and a downloadable version is available from Our Roots at the University of Calgary.]

History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia by J.L. MacDougall, 1922
    [Images and online copy is  available at Electric Scotland ]

The Antigonish Whiddens, Genealogical Record by D. G. Whidden, 1930

    [Reprint available]

The Descendants of Donald Cameron [Pitcher's Farm] by James M. Cameron, 1957
    [privately printed]

American Pioneers in Antigonish [Pushee, Williams, Hulbert] by James M. Cameron

Memorable Years by H. M. MacDonald, 1964

A History of the Catholic Church in Eastern Nova Scotia,  by Rev. A.A. Johnston,Longmans: 1961, 1970, 2 volume set.

Down Memory Lane by H. M. MacDonald, 1972

History of Antigonish, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Edited by Raymond A. MacLean, 1976
     [reprint available]

Recollections by Margaret "Peg" MacGillivray, 1977

St. Margaret's Church [Arisaig] Centennial 1878-1978

Through the Years : 175th Anniversary, St. Peter's Parish, Tracadie, N.S., 1978

Faces and Places, Travel and Tales in Nova Scotia's Antigonish & Guysborough Counties
    by Terry Tremayne, 1983

A Century Ago at Arichat and Antigonish, Reminiscenses of Mary Belle Grant Ormond (1860-1947) by
     Douglas Somers Ormond, 1985

The History of Antigonish by Patrick F. Walsh, 1989

Bishop John Cameron:  Piety & Politics by R. A. MacLean, 1991

A Journey to The Past by Evelyn DeCoste, 1993
    [West Havre Boucher, Linwood, Frankville]

Antigonish Diocese Priests & Bishops, 1786-1925 by Rev. A.A. Johnston, edited by Kathleen M. MacKenzie (biographical sketches/photos of priests/bishops who served in the Diocese of Antigonish during this time, only includes those ordained up to 1925.) Antigonish: Casket Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd., 1994

Four Cameron Pioneers, by Frances MacMaster Thompson, 1996 [privately printed]

For the People, The History of St. F.X., by James D. Cameron; Toronto: McGill Quees Press, 1996; (Official history of St. Francis Xavier University).

St. Joseph's Parish and Community 1848-1998 by Katherine Anne Chisholm & Donna Kennedy, 1998

Drummer on Foot     Editors:  D. MacFarlane and R. A. MacLean, 1999

The Casket 1852-1992, From Gutenberg to Internet:  The Story of a Small-Town Weekly
      by R.A. MacLean

Monastery and Its People by Ann Wallace

St. Andrews, Then and Now by H. Joseph MacDonald, 2000

"And Martha Served" History of The Sisters of St. Martha, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
by James Cameron, 2000 [1953]

Donald 'Red' MacDonald of Lakevale and his descendants edited by Bob King, 2001

"A Memoir of a Nurse" (about Elizabeth Campbell from Cloverville)

St. Peter's Parish, Tracadie ~ A Parish History 1803 - 2003  by Ann Wallace, 2003 [116 pgs]

"Limbs" by Lewis B. Chisholm (family genealogy inc. Chisholm of Lanark, Dalton & Kennedy) [209 pgs]

"Ripples from Copper Lake" by Rose Sutherland Carter [235 pgs]

"In Profile" by Mary Lou O'Reilly~58 of more than 200 interviews that appeared in The Casket, 1986 [184 pages]

"Historic Antigonish Town and County" Images of our Past by Laurie C C Stanley-Blackwell & R A MacLean  ~ 290 pages with chapters including Communities, House and Home, Living off the Land and Sea; Trades Businesses and Industry; Women's Work; Religion; Education, Transportation, Recreational Pastimes, Sports, Events, and the Many Faces of Antigonish.  Contains an extensive bibliography.  Available through the Antigonish Heritage Museum 24.95 plus shipping.  (all Canadian funds) Note:  shipping to US is 8.50.    For information, contact Jocelyn Gillis, Antigonish Heritage Museum   or 902-863-6160.

"A Better Life:  A Portrait of Highland Scottish Women in Nova Scotia" by Teresa MacIsaac.  Cape Breton University Press. 
Price 22.95 + Shipping.  Available at the  Antigonish Heritage Museum  or 902-863-6160.  

"Tokens of Grace:  Cape Breton's Open Air Communion Tradition" by Laurie Stanley-Blackwell".  Price 19.95 + Shipping.  
Available at the Antigonish Heritage Museum or 902-863-6160.

“John R. MacInnis: His Life and His Writing”, written and edited by Marleen MacDonald-Hubley, 2008, privately printed (contains genealogies and stories from the
St. Joseph’s District) 
Available at the Antigonish Heritage Museum or 902-863-6160.         

“Angus MacLean: A Genealogy”, written and edited by Marleen MacDonald-Hubley, 2012.  Traces the direct deceased descendants of Angus MacLean (of the West River/Ohio area) and his 2 wives.   Available at the Antigonish Heritage Museum or 902-863-6160.    


St. Ninian’s Cemetery Part 1 
St. Ninian's Cemetery  Part 2  

St. Joseph and area (Old Ohio, St Josephs, Keppoch & MacDonald (Addington Forks)

Catholic Cemeteries of Eastern Pictou (Egerton, Lismore & Bailey’s Brook)

St. Margaret of Scotland, Arisaig

Georgeville and Area (St. Georges, St. Mary’s Maryvale & Morar)

(All CDs are available at the Antigonish Heritage Museum   902-863-6160.   All proceeds go to the Museum to help obtain new records.)


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