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Nova Scotia Sites

Nova Scotia Online - One of the most comprehensive sites for links to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Resources - This site includes links to many cemetery & census listings.

Nova Scotia Web & Internet Guide - A great site for links to anything concerning Nova Scotia including arts, culture, museums, travel, weather, media, sports and more!

Golf Courses in Nova Scotia - Includes links to golf courses throughout Nova Scotia.

Buyers Guide to Arts & Crafts - A very nice site to find listing of arts and crafts shops throughout Annapolis County.

Nova Scotia Genealogy - Claims to have over 1000 links related to genealogy.

Nova Scotia Municipalities - Includes links to municipalities with web pages

Atlantic Canada Cycling Information Website - Links for cycling through Canada's Atlantic Provences.

Govenerment of Nova Scotia - This website will give you a wide range of information and convenient online access to government services.

Registry of Deeds - The Registry of Deeds for each county has indexes to grantors and grantees for all the different types of transactions; mortgages, deeds, leases, releases, liens, sheriff's deeds, court orders, and some wills involving real estate.

Registry of Probate - Most probate court records in Nova Scotia have been microfilmed by The Genealogical Society of Utah and while the index reel may cover the period up to the date of filming only the films for records dated prior to 1900 have generally been released. Information can be found at this site for obtaining copies of these documents.

Beaton Institute Archives - The Beaton Institute at the University College of Cape Breton in Sydney maintains online archives, including genealogical databases, manuscript groups, map indexes and much more.

Planter Studies Centre - Acadia University's Planter Studies Centre is a research institute which focuses scholarly attention on the 8000 New England residents who migrated to Nova Scotia between 1759 and 1774.

The Acadians of Nova Scotia - Information on Nova Scotia Acadians who are descendants of approximately 100 French families who settled along the shores of the Bay of Fundy, during the 17th century.

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