Union County NM Cemeteries


as detailed in the
USGS GNIS Geographic Names Server

The GNIS list appears to be incomplete. Other cemeteries have been added as information became available.

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Location Commonly Known As: Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Amistad Cemetery 355428N 1031037W Amistad
Antioch Cemetery 362339N 1031941W Royce
Brown Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cross L Ranch
Clayton Cemetery 362642N 1030951W Clayton
Corrumpa Cemetery 364656N 1033026W Fiddler Springs
Creeds Chapel Cemetery 363435N 1030316W Rardin Hill
Dempsey Cemetery 361656N 1034102W Pennington
Des Moines Catholic Cemetery 364540N 1035001W Des Moines
Des Moines Cemetery 364540N 1035001W Des Moines
Drew Cemetery 365042N 1035502W Folsom
Fairmount Cemetery 354925N 1030939W Centerville Corner
Folsom Catholic Cemetery - - Folsom
Folsom Cemetery 365010N 1035555W Folsom
Garcia Plaza Cemetery 360939N 1033054W Garcia Creek
Gladstone Cemetery 361724N 1035751W Gladstone
Grandview Cemetery 363917N 1031720W McLaughlin Bridge
Hardesty Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cross L Ranch
IOOF Cemetery 362646N 1030951W Clayton
La Morada Cemetery 361613N 1033350W Goat Canyon
Martinez Cemetery 364614N 1035518W Folsom
Moses Cemetery 364102N 1030637W Moses
Obar Cemetery 353112N 1031210W Obar
Ojo Bonito Cemetery 361335N 1033326W Garcia Creek
Otto Cemetery 362251N 1032154W Royce
Padilla Cemetery 364508N 1032811W Guy
Pedernal Cemetery 360103N 1032529W Pedernal Creek
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 364930N 1033220W Fiddler Springs
Puertocito Cemetery 364447N 1030345W Moses
Rinker Cemetery 363845N 1030634W Moses
Rivera Cemetery 364650N 1032726W Guy
Sanchez Cemetery 361741N 1033311W Goat Canyon
Sedan Cemetery 360934N 1030828W Sedan
Shaha Cemetery 360657N 1030443W Sedan SE
Sofia Cemetery 362707N 1035132W Sofia
Thomas Cemetery 361538N 1031700W Sand Hill
Wanette Cemetery 363707N 1031106W Rabbit Ear Mountain


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