Lincoln County Tombstone Photographs
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Cedarvale Cemetery, White Oaks

acbragg.jpg (47406 bytes) Alfred C.(Culom or Calvin) Bragg
September 19, 1829
January 6, 1919
by C.W. Barnum
susan harris.jpg (9015 bytes) Susan Emiline (Boggs Harris) Bragg
September of 1830
about 1909
by C.W. Barnum
licv3.jpg (11205 bytes) Payne, John and Dorothy
by H. D. McDaniel
Lincoln County 046.jpg (1310454 bytes) Dena Lynn Gore
by H. D. McDaniel
licv5.jpg (118747 bytes) Joyce Adwena Ray
by H. D. McDaniel
Dollie M. (Ward)
by H. D. McDaniel
licv7.jpg (25346 bytes) Rolley S. Ward
by H. D. McDaniel
licv8.jpg (7302 bytes) child
by H. D. McDaniel
licv9.jpg (11398 bytes) Dobbs
by H. D. McDaniel
licv10.jpg (138884 bytes) William C. McDonald
First Statehood Governor of NM
by H. D. McDaniel
licv11.jpg (35252 bytes) Two babies
by H. D. McDaniel
licv12.jpg (269641 bytes) George Tarbell
by H. D. McDaniel
licv13.jpg (227446 bytes) Leslie
by H. D. McDaniel
licv14.jpg (85658 bytes) Robert Leslie
by H. D. McDaniel
licv15.jpg (25328 bytes) Zane Grey Leslie
by H. D. McDaniel
licv16.jpg (13847 bytes) Thomas B. McCourt
by H. D. McDaniel
licv17.jpg (23407 bytes) Susan MacSween Barber
by H. D. McDaniel
licv18.jpg (11662 bytes) H. O. Smith
by H. D. McDaniel
licv19.jpg (18843 bytes) Martha A. Gumm
by H. D. McDaniel
licv20.jpg (10676 bytes) Dr. Geo. E. Zimmerman
by H. D. McDaniel
licv21.jpg (28126 bytes) Miners who died 1895
by H. D. McDaniel
licv22.jpg (216696 bytes) Osmund Bassett Scott
by H. D. McDaniel
licv23.jpg (225693 bytes) Reil
by H. D. McDaniel
licv24.jpg (27764 bytes)

David and Mary Jackson,
a Black family lived in W.O. for many years.
by H. D. McDaniel

livc25.jpg (564409 bytes) Dr. Paden
by H. D. McDaniel

licv26.jpg (74791 bytes)

James W. Bell
by H. D. McDaniel
licv27.jpg (60942 bytes) Solomon Guebara
by H. D. McDaniel
licv28.jpg (56714 bytes) Unknown
by H. D. McDaniel
licv28.jpg (279289 bytes) John V. Winters
by H. D. McDaniel
licv29.jpg (25351 bytes) W. J. Little
by H. D. McDaniel
licv30.jpg (148439 bytes) by H. D. McDaniel
licv66.jpg (28393 bytes) Elmer Wood
Relative of NM Genealogist
  C.W. Barnum
licv67.jpg (68611 bytes) Elmer S. Wood
 by H.D. McDaniel

Following photos are by Rich Eastwood

licv30.jpg (16284 bytes)

A. C. Bragg
licv31.jpg (24577 bytes) Amos Oliver lacey
licv33.jpg (8318 bytes) Carmelita Guebara
licv34.jpg (21872 bytes) J.C. Lacey
licv35.jpg (17357 bytes) Mrs. J. C. Lacey
licv36.jpg (10355 bytes) Velma Lacey
licv60.jpg (12464 bytes) Velma Lacey
licv37.jpg (16638 bytes) Leslie
licv38.jpg (65499 bytes) Jesse Leslie
licv39.jpg (7788 bytes) Leslie
licv40.jpg (12931 bytes) Governor McDonald
licv41.jpg (41149 bytes) Old Abe Mine deaths
licv42.jpg (98882 bytes) Paden
licv43.jpg (63202 bytes) Salomon Guebara
licv44.jpg (9544 bytes) Samuel Guebara
licv45.jpg (32293 bytes) Susan MacSween
licv46.jpg (35000 bytes) Vega
licv47.jpg (65332 bytes) John Walker
licv48.jpg (8870 bytes) William Henry
licv49.jpg (19788 bytes) Ward
licv50.jpg (20476 bytes) Zimmerman
licv51.jpg (28628 bytes) Cross
licv52.jpg (14189 bytes) David Tinron?
licv53.jpg (14876 bytes) Lacey
licv63.jpg (14313 bytes) Lacey
licv54.jpg (20524 bytes) Dr. M. G. Paden
licv55.jpg (18715 bytes) Hobbs
licv56.jpg (6875 bytes) B. F. Gallegos
licv57.jpg (15513 bytes) J. G. Melton
licv58.jpg (4512 bytes) William A. Melton
licv59.jpg (8961 bytes) Ira Wetmore
licv61.jpg (15504 bytes) W. H. Walker
licv62.jpg (10543 bytes) Amos Oliver Lacey
licv64.jpg (18694 bytes) Jacksoon Lacey
licv65.jpg (15523 bytes) Mrs J. C. Lacey

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