Old Cedar Hill Cemetery
Compiled by Velma McEwen and
Edith Randlemon in 1983
submitted by Janelle Osborn in 2004
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Old Cedar Hill Cemetery is located on a private property. The newer Cedar Hill Cemeteryis shown below. It's nine and a half mines north of Aztec. 

My family owned the property that the Old Cedar Hill Cemetery is on until about 1965. I remember the cemetery well. I played there as a child. I cleaned the graves. I respected that old cemetery and we took care of it when we lived there. But that was many years ago. It has a nice fence around it now and I believe the Cedar Hill Cemetery Association fenced it. It looks good from the highway but is not easy access. My mother was one of the people who looked after the cemeteries. When I moved her to be near me, she copied all the files on the people buried there. I have all the files but not all the new burials. 
Edith Randlemon was my great aunt. She helped with the files. She gave my mother some information on those buried there because she remembered some of them. She lived into her late 90s. She was the daughter of George Tinker, an early settler in San Juan County. When someone contacts me via the internet I put any new information in the files under the person's name. My mother tried to find as much as she could about every person buried in the cemeteries. She did all the files until she moved here. She thought she better copy them and bring them with her in case the originals got lost. Not everyone wants to keep things like that. So I will take care of them. George Tinker was my great grandfather and he is buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery along with lots of my other relatives. My father is buried there and I have a grandson buried there. He died when he was only 18 months old. The cemetery will always be dear to my heart, both cemeteries.

Old Cedar Hill Cemetery

Old Cedar Hill Cemetery is located on the McEwen ranch.  In 1890 burials began in the new Cedar Hill Cemetery.  The cemeteries are located one-half mile apart. Edith Tinker Randlemon and Velma McEwen compiled this survey.

Cox         Jenny Campbell    1887                     wife of John Cox
Hargis      Lyda or Lydia
Lowell      Otto
McCoy       Angie Hart
Myers       Infant                                    Parents Kate and Don Myers
Sapp        Mary Ellen Darter 20 Jan 1854-21 May 1888 see note #1
Stacy       Sarah (infant)    1887                    died summer complaint
Smith       Elizabeth Sapp                            see note #2
Smith       Robert            1885 55yr
Woods/Wood  Bob               6 August 1885           He was struck by lightening
Note #1:
Married on 29 May 1876. Her first husband was Peter Lewis Polk.
Her second husband was Dallas Sapp
Note #2:
Wife of Robert, sister of Stacy