Eagle Hill Cemetery
S. Roosevelt Road Y, Roosevelt County, New Mexico
Donated by Joyce Gore Locke 1/22/2007
 with Janelle Foster and Joy Gabbert McKillip
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This is one of many cemeteries surveyed by Joyce Gore Locke. Joyce has been generous with her time, work and devotion.
Other cemeteries by Joyce Locke are
The Gore Connection Thank you, Joyce, for your wonderful contribution.

Last      First  Middle Birth Birth Birth   Death Death Death Notes
Name      Name   Name  Month  Day   Year    Month  Day   Year

Allen     (Mrs)                                                  unmarked grave
Armstrong (Mrs)                                                  unmarked grave
Marshall  Joseph C       4     23   1863     7     5    1916
Pate      Edwin          7     25   1930     4     12   1934
Pate      Harley                    1891     6     5    1917
Pate      Lee    R       8     14   1915     7     16   1916