Arch Cemetery
Road #88, Roosevelt County, New Mexico
Donated by Joyce Gore Locke 1/22/2007
 with Janelle Foster and Joy Gabbert McKillip  Return to
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There are no markers in the cemetery. Cemetery was recorded for DAR, El Portal Chapter. Information has been taken from a copy of the typed work, found in the Portales Public Library, and parts are very hard to read. This is one of many cemeteries surveyed by Joyce Gore Locke. Joyce has been generous with her time, work and devotion. Other cemeteries by Joyce Locke are The Gore Connection Thank you, Joyce, for your wonderful contribution to New Mexico researchers.

Last Name   First Name     Middle Name  Birth Birth  Birth        Death Death Death
                                        Month  Day   year         Month  Day  Year
Ballew      Flora          Jane           8     4    1875    
Bostick     (Mrs)                                            
Boulter     (Girl)                                           
Buckner     J              W              11    17   1872    
Coleman     (Child)                                          
Davis       William        O              5     3    1932         6     8   1991
Harrison    Gordon                        8     27   1922         12    14  1999
Harrison    Jared          Ben            3     15   1976         12    24  1999
Hassell     Dock                                             
Lecklighter (Child)                                          
Lester      (Mrs)                                            
Neil        Roderic        William        11    24   1960         7     8   1998
Ordonez     Ramona                        7     11   1928         8     28  2001