San Yglesia de la Virgen Guadalupe
Churchyard Cemetery, Velarde
Rio Arriba County
NMG, 37:4, December 1998, p 152
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San Yglesia de la Virgen Guadalupe
Churchyard Cemetery, Velarde
Rio Arriba County, New Mexico
By Dr. Eugene Torres

San Yglesia de la Virgen Guadalupe Church is located in Velarde, New Mexico, which is about 17 miles northeast of Española on New Mexico Highway 68. If read in columns, you’ll find the graves are listed in the order found in the churchyard. (Ref. T22N-R9E, Velarde Quadrangle map.) A previous publication by New Mexico Genealogist (Sep 1987) listed the Velarde Cemetery, located just north of the town.

Garcia, Pablino 22 June 1872 5 Nov 1922  
Rendon, Eulalia E. 13 1857 21 June 1917 Mother
Medina, Barbarita      
Pacheco, Juan A 1900 1926  
Garcia, Ma de los Nieves 13 July 1846 10 Nov 1918  
Sanchez, Ma Veronis 5 July 1900 13 del Mismo  
Sanchez, Rosa de los Reyes 7 Enero 1831 Agosto 1908  
Velarde, Jeremias 1 Jan 1876 4 Mar 1946  
Velarde, Pacomer 22 May 1836 23 Oct 1924  
Martinez, Francisco S. 2 Feb 1933 7 June 1922  
Martinez, Melecia L. 8 Oct 1862 9 Sep 1931  
Valdez, Alias 1881 1953 Father
Valdez, Cilia R. 1880 1930 Mother
Garcia, Juan de Dios 16 Oct 1851 3 Oct 1916  
Vigil, Torivio   10 Dec  
Lujan, Eleseo 1855 1924  
Lujan, Ma Antonia V.