Ojo Zarco Cemetery 
Rio Arriba County
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Submitted to the NM Journal NMG XXXV, No. 2, June 1996, page 45, by Martha Gardner and Sibyl Nissen from a survey taken on August 18, 1974.
Re-typed by Karen Eddy for this format. This cemetery is located six miles north of Truchas.

Surname   First Names             Birth Date          Death Date            Other
Armijo    Adelina                 ns                  21-May-1963           64y 0m 19d
Armijo    Encarna                 ns                  ns
Armijo    Jose Ramon              ns                  16-Sep-1967           94y 0m 10d
Armijo    Lupe R.                 ns                  1940
Arrey     Giolivia                ns                  13-Oct-1948           3y 0m 14d
C. T.                             19 Apr 1898         11-Jun-1945
Chavez    Maria                   ns                  5-Dec-1964            15y 0m 17d
Leyba     Halbert                 ns                  ns                    child
Leyba     Jimmie                  ns                  ns                    child
Martinez  Emilio                  ns                  ns
Martinez  Jose B.                 7-Oct-1924          20-Mar-1945           New Mexico PFC 353 Inf 89 Inf Div (WWII)
Martinez  Jose M.                 26-Nov-1924         ns                    PVT US Army
Martinez  Norman                  ns                  ns                    child
Martinez  Pilar                   ns                  1935
Martinez  Teresa                  23-Mar-1965         24-Mar-1965
Medina    Manuel                  ns                  ns
Pacheco   Jose Onecino Leovijildo 25-Jan-1941         30-Jun-1962
Pacheco   Jose Ramon              1870                1955
Pacheco   Josefita                1894                1973
Pacheco   Magdalena L.            1895                1967
Pacheco   Pablo A.                ns                  1944                  Grandfather (buried with Emilia P. Sanchez)
Romero    Adelaida V.             ns                  ns
Salazar   Crecension              ns                  7-Oct-1968            69y 5m 14d
Sanchez   Abenajo                 ns                  24-Sep-1947
Sanchez   Adelaida M.             16-May-1905         11-Feb-1951
Sanchez   Andrew                  ns                  ns                    infant (buried with Rose Ellen Sanchez)
Sanchez   Eduardo                 22 Oct 1893         30-Mar-1973           New Mexico - Pvt 30 Inf (WWI?)
Sanchez   Emilia P.               ns                  25-Apr-1905           Mother (buried with Pablo A. Pacheco – grandfather)
Sanchez   Ermalinda               ns                  6-Apr-1972            68y 0m 15d
Sanchez   Johnny                  ns                  ns                    child
Sanchez   Librada                 1887                1971
Sanchez   Libradita S.            1887                30-Aug-1948
Sanchez   Louann                  13-Aug-1937         16-Mar-1955
Sanchez   Manuel A.               1929                1970
Sanchez   Manuel C.               1941                1972
Sanchez   Manuel                  ns                  29 ___ 1922           27y
Sanchez   Maria Venina            ns                  16-Mar-1961           82y
Sanchez   Rose Ellen              ns                  ns                    (buried with Andrew Sanchez)
Sanchez   S. C.                   ns                  ns                    89y
Sanchez   Sarita M.               ns                  27 Apr 1905/15?       50y
Sanchez   Terecina                ns                  23-Dec-1950
Sanchez   Tommy R.                ns                  ns                    child
Sanchez   Zacarias                17 Aug 1878         14-Jan-1970
Velarde   Antonio Jose            ns                  14-Aug-1914           74y 3m
Velarde   Daniel                  10 Feb 1884         30-Aug-1962
Velarde   Felicita                ns                  3-Jul-1973            74y
Velarde   Sencionita O.           29 May 1853         8-Apr-1925
Velarde   Tobias A.               23-Dec-1939         31-May-1969
Vialpanos Mary Ann                3-Jul-1955          27-May-1958
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