Orogrande Cemetery
Orogrande, Otero County, New Mexico
Updated by Marcena Thompson 21 May 2004
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Acosta        Nestora           2 Sep 1825   2 Sep 1929       104 yrs
Alvarado      Juan              25 Sep 1896  24 May 1923      30y 11m ?d
Bishop        Augustine Douglas 16 Mar 1869  30 Sep 1933      64y 6m 14d
Castereano    Concepcion E.     3 Dec 1867   15 Mar 1926      54y 4m 12d
Espinosa      Angel Jr.         5 May 1922   5 Jan. 1923      10 mos
Galligos      Louis             28 Mar 1839  1 May 1928       89y 2m 3d
Hartshorn     Charles Albert    10 Dec 1869  19 Jan 1933      64y 1m 9d
Hernandez     Maria Louisa      22 Jul 1919  6 Mar 1920       8m 15d
Martinez      Jusutita          3 Oct 1922   8 Jan 1923       3m 5d
Martio        San Julio         27 Jun 1921  30 Jun 1921      3d 1st twin
Martio        San Julio         27 Jun 1921  9 Jul 1921       12d 2nd twin
Morales       Morsis            5 Oct 1926   15 Mar 1927      5m 10d
Ortiz         Damaso Leyva      23 Dec 1867  27 Feb 1926      58y 2m 4d
Perez         Estavana          21 Dec 1925  24 Sep 1926      9m 3d
Roberts       Mavis Jean        11 Feb 1921  16 Jul 1921      1y 5m 7d
Ronquillo     Jose P.           28 Mar 1887  28 Mar 1925      38 yrs
Sandoval      Ortillis F.       12 Apr 1928  23 Apr 1928      11d
Wood          Buddy             15 Mar 1933  15 Mar 1934      1 yr

From: Scott Walley
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 4:08 PM
Subject: Orogrande Cemetery

Mr. Barnum,
Our employees recently came across the Orogrande cemetery during a field project, and your website (newmexicoalhn.net) was very helpful, allowing us to establish that the cemetery is much larger than its current appearance suggests.
I thought I would pass along the following information that may be of some interest to you:
There is currently very little visible at this site...two headstones and a third possible grave. The site is surrounded by low dunes and partially covered in sand. The two visible headstones are described as follows:
Headstone 1 has flowers on the four corners and a cross in the upper section of the marker. A date of June 18, 1918 (Junio 18 de 1918) is on the upper left corner. The lower section of the marker bears initials. Some of the inscription is unreadable due to the weathering of the marker. The marker reads: “Aqui ya___n los restos del Sr. Narciso Gutierrez que fayecio el 27 de Febrero de 1918 al 65 años de edad. (Followed by three unreadable words.) Sus hijos le dedican este recuerdo.” (Roughly translated to English: “Here lies the body of Mr. Narciso Gutiérrez who passed away February 27 of 1918 at the age of 65. His children dedicate this memorial.”)
Headstone 2 has no decorative elements. It reads: “Moises Morales nacio el 5 de Septienbre de 1926 i murio el 15 de Marso de 1927. Sus padres le dedican este recuredo.” (“Moisés Morales was born September 5 of 1926 and died March 15 of 1927. His parents dedicate this memorial.”)
Moises Morales is clearly the same individual listed on your website as Morsis Morales. It is interesting that Sr. Gutierrez was interred in 1918, earlier than any of the interrments listed on your website (which, I gather, were derived from County death records.) This suggests that the County death records may only be scratching the surface as far as this cemetery is concerned.
Thanks again for maintaining the helpful website, and I hope this information is of use to you.
Scott Walley
Operations Manager
Lone Mountain Archaeological Services