"New" La Luz Cemetery
Marcia, Otero County, New Mexico
Compiled by Dorothy Webb
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Franks,   Gamers                   1911        1962  puppy 
Gillette, Edward Eugene      1 Jul 1969  9 Nov 1969 "Resting in peace" 
Morrison, William Alva      31 Dec 1902 13 Mar 1976 "Forever in your family’s hearts"
                                                          train engine and coal car 
Quick,    Ralph Benton      20 Sep 1941 20 Jan 1945 "Our baby" 
Rehbien,  Linda Elizabeth   24 Feb 1976  6 Apr 1979 "Our sunshine" 

This cemetery is presented exactly as submitted.  It's not clear where the "new" La Luz cemetery is located or if this is just five names from one of the other
cemeteries in that area. If you live nearby, please help
us with this cemetery mystery.