Blazers Mill Cemetery
On the Mescalero Apache Reservation
Otero County, New Mexico
Compiled by H. D. McDaniel 2006
Photography by H. D. McDaniel
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Kayrah Arizona Indian Scout February 15, 1934 
Blazer Nesmith
Richard M. Brewer Killed by Buckshot Roberts 1850-1878 
Dick Brewer
Buckshot Roberts 1878 He shot Brewer
Distance View Dick Brewer and Buckshot Roberts
Sam'l A. Stewart; Benj. J. Tevualt; Joseph H. 
Blazer; Geo. W.; N.E. Smith; Killed in Brewer shootout.
Stewart Tevault 
Benj. J.W. Tevault (left side of headstone)
James F. Lordrie 23 Aug 1934 11 Oct 1999
Warrior Fred Russell Heckman, Jr. 3 Nov 1936 / moved 17 Feb 1999 
Anny Eaby Wife of Warrior Heckman