La Cueva Cemetery
Mora County
NMG, Vol. XXII, No. 1, March 1983, page 16
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The La Cueva Cemetery is located at the intersection of New Mexico Highways #3 and #21 at the community of La Cueva. It is a good-sized cemetery (possibly two) situated on the northeast corner of the intersection. One portion with an entry facing Highway 21 has been enclosed within a rock wall with an overflow on the south adjacent property which is not fenced. The enclosed portion appears to be the older being more run down and the stones are fewer and less sophisticated, while that portion outside shows evidence of more burials, some with polished stone markers.
There was one stone near Jobia M0NTOYA:and Ana Gertrudis FLORENZ which had "age 60 yr 21 Jun 1893" and
another with only the date of 1880.) This listing begins at the rear, western wall toward the northeast corner and working generally in a southeastern direction. 2005

Mar-- MONTOLLA d. 27 Dec 1918 age 28 yr
Aurelio ALDEIS b. 21 Nov 1877; d. 27 Nov 1913
Rosita ROMERO d. 28 Jul 1915 age 26 yr 5 mo 21 da
Timoteo MANANAR b. _ __ 1883 d. _ __1909 age 26 yr
Pedro ALDEIS b. 16 Aug 1843 d. 12 Nov 1911
Ma. Dolores d. 12 Jul 1911 age 81 yr
Nepomoseno SALAZAR d. 03 Jan 1912 age 5 yr
L. M. d. 05 __ 1899
Jacobo VARGAS b. 03 Feb 1871; d. 16 Oct 1904
D. E. Ambrosio MANZANARES b. _ __ 1850; d. ___1905, age 55 yr
Luis MANZANAREZ 21 Jun 1877; 30 Oct 1924
Carmelita G. ALDIZ 07 Nov 1815; 15 Mar 1925
Victoria GARCIA d. 18 Mar 1875 21 age 38 yr
Anastacio MAES d. _Feb 1916 
Jobia MONTOYA b. 12 Feb 1877, d __
Ana Gertrudis FLORENZ b. 03 Nov 1881 d. 23 Feb 1890
Ursulita RAMIRES `
P. C. G. H. `
Father NadaLup ORTEGA d. 03 Jun 1912 age 85 yr 
Mother Gravieita Mide ORTEGA d. 11 Jan ___, age 70 yr Fallacio (illegible)
Lupe LUCERO d. 17 Nov 1917 age 70 yr
Natilde ROMERA d. _ __ 1903 (The largest burial marker had no legible data)