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NMG XXI, No. 3, Sept 1982, p.63; Project is based on the cemetery surveys published in the New Mexico Genealogist, The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. P.O. Box 8283; Albuquerque, NM 87198-8283. The magazine's volume, date, and and page number is displayed under the cemetery's name. Our appreciation to the New Mexico Genealogical Society and the survey compliers. This material may not be reproduced or copied from this website nor be used for commercial purposes, resale, re-distribution, or used for profit. The copyright remains with the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Some formatting and editing were made to the original presentation to fit this web page Template. Some cemetery surveys were continued on following magazine issues. This website presentation may not be copied. 

Holman Cemetery

The community of Holman in Mora County located about six miles west of Mora. To find the cemetery, drive west past the old El Rito Presbyterian church to the next left turn from which point the cemetery may be seen a few hundred feet In the distance on the side of a hill. The cemetery is roughly lengthwise of the valley and parallel with the highway. It is entirely fenced with two entrances, one for pedestrians and one for vehicles; both gates were locked but I was not the first to climb the fence. No measurements were taken of the cemetery, and the map is an approximation of the position of the graves by rows. Taped 13 July 1977; transcribed 28 July 1977 by Fay Louise Smith Arellano. (Map is not shown here, see original record. Unidentified burials not show here.) Transcribed by C. W. Barnum.

Father, Filiberto SANDOVAL 11 Jan 1882; 20 May 1927
Mother, Margarita N. SANDOVAL 27 Jan 1888; 21 Apr 1941
Mother, Francisquita R. MEDINA 1903-1960
Crux MONTOYA 1 Nov 1873; 20 Mar 1965
Marcos MEDINAS 1874-1932
Margarita SANCHEZ 1922-1941
My dear Brother, Bonifacio GANDERT 1882-
Frank A. MEDINA SP 4, USA, 9 May 1949; 24 Apr 1975
Juan Remijio FERNANDEZ, Sr. b 9 May 1939; d 17 Jul 1965
Jose ___ 1855-1931
Eleanor CRUZ 1909-1933
Margarita CRUZ 1865-1958
Jose Rafael ROMERO d 5 May 1968, age 79 yr. 5 mo, 4 da
Candido ORTIZ 9 Aug 1891; 15 Sep 1941
Doloritas TRUJILLO b 1 Jun 1887; d 2 Sep 1950
Amanda LUJAN, Q.E,P,D. 1897-1955 
Ronald Carl VIJIL 1954-1971 stone
(illeg.) Luan(?) d Aug ? age 61 yr
Mother, Sofia V. MARTINEZ 1903-1970
Doroteo (K?) (M?) (poor spot on tape) VIJIL 1933-1968
Manuel R. VASQUEZ 1875-1957
Dolores VIJIL 1868-1954
Our Momie, Cleo VIGIL 21 Mar 1900; 29 Jan 1950
Beloved Wife & Mother, Virginia E. CHACOK 17 Oct 1912; 12 Jun 1976
Mother, Pulita SANDOVAL 1897-1973