Reventon Cemetery
Reventon, Lincoln County New Mexico
Compiled by Private Party Saturday June 2, 2007
Photographs by Clifford Powell
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Reventon, also know as Rebenton and often spelled Raventon, is twenty miles northeast of Carrizozo on private land. It was settled ca. 1896. Later it was named Rabenton by the Postal Service in 1910, previously spelled Raventon. Later the area became known as Reventon, apparently an English spelling for the Spanish Rebenton. The actual meaning of the words Reventon, Raventon and Rebenton are unknown.

We wish to express our thanks to the property owner for allowing access so this cemetery so it could be photographed and documented. Owner permission is required before going on property.

Our eternal gratitude and thanks go to Karen Mills for all of her help in this endeavor. Without her, this cemetery would not be documented. Thanks for all of your help in guiding us to the cemetery and all of your assistance with the documentation and for your time and your infinite patience!

There are several unknown graves in this cemetery that did not get photographed.

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        Last      First      BORN              DIED
        Name      Name      Month  Day   Year Month  Day   Year Inscription           Notes
Evans     David       11    12   1952   10    2    2000                       Dates from records
Gonsales  Unknown                                                             No other info
Lopez     Andres                         8    2    1937                       See notes
Lopez     Eulalio                                                             No other info
Lopez     Maria                                                               No other info
Lueras    Angelito                                                            No other info
Lueras    Eulogia     3     2    1886   4     7    1924
Lujan     Benislao                      5     13   1936 NM PVT 356 INF 89 DIV
Montoya   Miguel                        8    23    1922 23 yrs. old - died of a gunshot
Ramirez   Margarito                     10         1931
Ramirez   Narcisa                       12         1944
Recalda   Juan                                                                No other info
Unknown                                                                       No info
Unknown   Tomas*                                                              No other info
*The tombstone with the name Tomas is a relative whose last name is Marrujo.
The land the cemetery sits on was owned by my great, great grandfather, Victorino Marrujo. 
It was handed down to my great grandfather, Reyes Marrujo. By Carlos Marrujo, April 30, 2012.
On the 1900 Federal Census, Reventon (Pct #5) had 183 residents, one saloon, a school, a mercantile, farms and ranches.
The census showed an Andreas Lopez being born March 1973 in New Mexico.
It showed an Angelito Lueras being born January 1890 in New Mexico, daughter of Dolares? and Felicita Lueras.
Unknown Gonsales may have been Emilia Gonzales, but there is no documentation.
David Evans was born 11-12-1952, died 10-2-2000. He was the Grandson of Charles Albert and Clara Brazel-Snow.
Records show a Narrisa Ramirez died on December 20, 1944 in Lincoln County at age ca. 6 months.
Records show an Eulalio E. Lopez died in Eddy County on February 22, 1942 at age 50.
Please contact us if you have any information about these burials.