Pumpkin Cemetery
Pumpkin Center, Lincoln County New Mexico
By Private Party 21 July 2007
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This cemetery is called Pumpkin Cemetery, Capitan Mountain Cemetery, Hester Cemetery, and Vest-Hyde Cemetery. This small cemetery has several unidentified graves that were the final resting place for young and old people who died of diphtheria in 1902-1903. Nearby are the remains of the old Pumpkin Center rural schoolhouse foundation and cistern. This area was once the largest producer of Pumpkins in the SW.

Please click to see the committee that placed headstones on July 1, 2007 near Capitan, New Mexico of  George Washington Vest, and Parthena Glasscock Vest. Back row: Jon Weddle (Juandell Vest Weddle's son), J. W. Calaway, Alan Summers (Ray's son), Ray Summers (son of Hazel Vest Summers, Charlie Hanna, Ellen & Homer Hanna, T. J. Hanna (Charlie & Dolores' grandson) Dolores Hanna. Seated: Juandell Weddle, Peggy Hanna Boarman, Doug Hanna, Lola Hanna (Doug's wife), Louise Hanna Calaway. Those not in picture -- Ann Summers (Alan's wife) and Tiffany Hanna (Charlie & Dolores' granddaughter). There were 16 present at the cemetery to do the restoration. (Access is restricted.)

Last        First       Middle         Maiden            BORN                    DIED
Name        Name        Name           Name              Month   Day   Year      Month   Day   Year
Foller      Dicy                                          6            1846       4      20    1907
Hyde        George      Riley                                          1882       9       9    1945
Hyde        Martha      Augusta                          10      10    1896       9       5    1987
Keathley    Ethel                      Hyde               8      16    1886       9      24    1965
Vest        George      Washington (Rev.)                 6      19    1817       3      31    1903
Vest        Parthena    Thurman        Glasscock          2       8    1822      10      13    1902